📱Math Game • FLUTTER Tutorial From Scratch ♡ - monstrousmath.com

📱Math Game • FLUTTER Tutorial From Scratch ♡

Mitch Koko
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How to code a math game! I haven’t made a game in a while so here’s a good old flutter game from scratch.

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💰 SOURCE CODE (full game with all 5 levels)

💻 SOURCE CODE (from tutorial) •

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0:00 intro
0:35 start
6:36 create number keyboard
16:57 get user answer
27:24 check the answer
32:41 auto create next question

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  1. Came across u on TikTok 3 days ago and since then u have been my favorite Flutter YouTuber. Love your video style 😀

  2. Can you make a tutorial on how to make a quiz game (question and options)

  3. Now this is how to entertain, teach, and advertise. And there is a huge price drop I will definitely purchase in the near future. Thanks 👍

  4. Mitch! Thanks for another great tutorial. can i join a software company for flutter to enhance my skills.? thanks

  5. Thankyou soo much for these tutorials 😭🤍

  6. Ma man.. Coming in hot 🔥again.. You never disappoint ❤

  7. Hey man, love your tutorials, still waiting for the CRUD Flutter Tutorial x Firebase, will you finish it? Wish you the best.

  8. Thank you very much for this tutorial!!

    Could you make one with forms that collect data such as names and dates? There is none updated on all youtube

  9. Ya pro very goooood and very easy way to explain ❤️❤️❤️❤️love you 🧡

  10. Loved this Mitch! You're gonna see me comment under every video now. You just got a new fan! Great work!

  11. hi mate, thanks for you vids, can you do a tutorial with flutter and appwrite??

  12. I learnt so much doing this tutorial! I tried to do it again by myself and I didn't had to look up this video again thanks to your great teaching skills. Thanks a ton!!!

  13. Please make video on firebase PHONE NUMBER and GOOGLE Authentication with firebase authstates in flutter

  14. HEY! can you help me how to use "OR" statement in fire store "WHERE" query please

  15. Hey man, your videos have been a great help. I'm a beginner to flutter. Can you make a video to show the correct refactoring approaches. Also can you say if my way of refactoring is right : I have made 'common_details.dart' where I put the widgets directly without any classes. For example : 'void showToast(String message){ …. } ' is a method in this file. Is it okay to put these methods one after the other in a file without having stateless or stateful widgets?

  16. Great Video! Btw how do you create intro? These small details make your video more awesome

  17. how about Matrix Rain fall tutorial for Flutter, maybe? 🙂

  18. watches you from my country Ghana, your tutorials is a live changer for me. am actually using one for mini project work in school tanx dear, I love you!! Mitch

  19. Amazing!!! I will try something like this. Thanks for videos! Make coding more interesting. God bless you bro. 🙏🏻

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