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10 Math Games That Will Drive You Insane

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How good are you at math and logical thinking? Test your brain with 10 math games that might seem easy but can actually baffle you. Exercising your brain regularly helps keeping your mind sharp.
The more you practice with tricky math games and riddles, the better your analytical skills will get. This will be useful for work and school.

A baseball bat and a ball 0:19
The impossible equation 1:16
8-digit number 2:11
24 pairs of socks 3:15
Beer math 4:08
Balls instead of numbers 5:36
The age of brothers 6:34
Numbers from 1 to 7 make a hundred 7:31
29-1=30 8:26

-Figure out how much do a baseball bat and a ball cost
-Fix the impossible equation
-Make up a number consisting of eight digits
-Help John find a matched pair of socks
-Try to arrange four nines in such a way that they equal 100
-Help friends decide how many pints of beer they need to order
-Figure out what numbers are replaced by the blue, red, and white balls
-Calculate the age of each brother
-Get 100 using only the numbers from 1 to 7 and a “plus” sign
-Find the secret meaning of the equation

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  1. 9 could also have this as an answer 2+3+4+15+76=100

  2. Okay number 9 is scam you said a plus sign A plus sign

  3. 5+5+5=550just make it not equal it is also true

  4. 🤯👎🏼😢🤬🤬😒😡🤬🤬🤬🤬

  5. 23+77=100

  6. Sorry but XXIX – I = XXVIII
    Math is math, no matter what language or system you use.

  7. i tried number combinations for question 3 but kinda had to use the end for the awnser

  8. How do people supposed to know for the question 7


  9. 219-392+19282-2102831
    How would you do?

    The answer is 2.083.722

  10. Anybody else found the answer to the 3rd one as 43,124,312? It seems to work, and he says there is only one combination. Link to part: 2:10 | Nvm, scratch that, found inconsistency with the 4's

  11. These are very bad questions. Most are not clear and too hard for my 2nd son.

  12. That's all wrong this is how you do 29_1=28 is the answer
    30 is not

  13. riddle 2
    can I do 5+5+5 not equals( which is a sign that you add a left slanting line )?550

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