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10 Math Games That’ll Boost Your Brain Power By 80%

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Give your brain a serious workout with 10 math games. These mind-blowing riddles will boost your brain power. If you solve hard puzzles regularly, you will get better at math and other tasks requiring logic and critical thinking.

Count the squares 0:30
Find all the squares 1:30
Pentagon 2:12
The cross 3:15
Count the triangles 4:24
A massive triangle 5:30
Count the circles 7:13
3D blocks 8:15
The cat 9:09
The chessboard 10:15

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-You have 30 seconds to count the squares.
-Find the exact number of squares in the picture.
-Say how many triangles you see.
-Count all the perfect 4-dot squares.
-How many triangles can you find in this picture?
-Can you tell how many triangles, big and small, fit in here?
-You have 15 seconds to count all the circles.
-Decide how many blocks this 3D image has in it.
-Can you find all the triangles in a geometric feline?
-Are you sure the chessboard has 64 squares?

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