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193 – ESL Math Games| ESL Game for Numbers | Addition games| Muxi’s ESL games.

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Hello and welcome to Mux’s ESL classroom games.
I have observed many people asked for numbers games on my wechat groups, hence I am going to present few math games and also will write few others here.
Game# 1 Rock, scissors, paper
game#2 Sticky balls
game#3 addition using cups
game #4 erase numbers: Write down those numbers on board , kids takes turns , go to the board, say a number and rub it quickly
game# 5 Roll the dice: Roll the dice , and let the kids write the numbers
game#6 roll the dice two times and add those two numbers
game#7 divide the class into two teams, kids one by one from both teams go to the board, write a number and give the marker to the next member of his/her team, next player write next number and keep going. like Muxi write 10, Alex 20, Amy 30 …..
game#8 Roll small colorful balls on the floor, play music , two teams, collect one one ball, put them in baskets and count at the end when the music stops.
game#9 Place many cups near the wall, get some ping pong balls, kids throw the balls and count at the end how many balls in the cups.
game# Place cups in the middle of the classroom. two players, pick up one one cup at time and put them on the table on another side, count at the end.

Please write more games in the comments below. Thanks

Watch the full video and feel free to ask if still need explanation.


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