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9 Riddles That Will Boost Your Thinking Skills

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Scientists have proven that riddles help you boost your thinking abilities and improve your attention span. Are you ready to solve some tricky puzzles to flex your brain muscles?

The glass mystery 0:23
Find all objects 1:07
Hidden pattern 2:02
The cross 2:36
Hypnotizing spirals 3:05
The hidden star 3:44
Intertwined hearts 4:25
Road trip 5:08
Tea party 5:45

-Can you tell which glass has more water in it?
-Can you find all the things in the picture?
-What figure should replace the question mark?
-Can you find a totally symmetrical cross in this picture?
-Can you tell which of the spirals consists of 2 separate parts?
-Can you find a perfect 4-point star among the squares and triangles?
-Try to find the 4 pairs of hearts intertwined in each other.
-Can you tell which way the bus is moving?
-How many cups can teapot B contain?

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  1. Last is 40 because they all go by 8s from the bottom line

  2. A lot of these weren't riddles just finding shapes and items.

  3. The spout is lower than teapot a muchhhhhhhhh lower saw straight away and if teapot a can hold 32 pots and it’s tall we to the spout and i think its just under half so 15pots

  4. My 5th period says either 15 or 20 because of the spout.

  5. Actually answer is Glass A
    If u take out scizzor u wont waste any amount of water in it

  6. For Teapot B answer would be 2 cups as the lower part of the teapot holds the tea which would require 2 cups of tea

  7. I think it is 42 in the teapot because it looks a little more bigger.

  8. In no.6 he turned the star to the right

  9. Teapot B has the spout lower than teapot A. Therefore teapot B holds less probably 16 cups however possibly as much as 24.

  10. The bus one is only a valid question if you live in a country that drives on the right side of the road . Being in the UK it's a invalid question for me

  11. Hey guys! Have you solved all the riddles? What about this one 5:08?

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