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A Digital Horror Tragedy – Milton Math Games Explained

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Hey everyone! It’s been a while. Today I’m talking about the Digital Horror ARG Milton Math Games Archive. As we unfold the secrets it has in store together, we’ll find out why this digital horror is more of a digital tragedy than anything else.

chalkmuncher – Creator, Milton, Stylized minaxa Sprites
Avery – Co-Creator, Misc. Help
Dei – Charlotte
Camray – Tobee
ItsLuiz – Garrett
Spid3rW3b – Raven
Phantom Eclypse – Friend 2
piximouse – Editing, Jamie
minaxa – Direction, Script, Editing, Janitor/Friend 1

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// timestamps:
00:00 intro
01:37 Milton Math Games Archive
41:08 miltonmathgames.com
56:28 Timeline & Theories
1:04:56 closing thoughts

// music used (in order):
♫ FNAF Sister Location OST: Demolition Inevitable
♫ deltarune – School
♫ New Super Mario Bros. U – Acorn Plains
♫ Yume 2kki – Cutlery World
♫ Tomodachi Life – Mii Maker
♫ Yume 2kki – Forest Pier
♫ Kirby’s Epic Yarn – Quilty Court
♫ Nintendo 3DS – Mii Maker
♫ Wii Party – Swap Meet
♫ Milton Math Games – Website
♫ Mii Channel – Plaza
♫ Kirby’s Epic Yarn – Patch Castle
♫ The Flower Duet – Leo Delibes (Lud & Schlatt’s Musical Emporium)
♫ Milton Math Games – Hallway
♫ UNDERTALE – Alphys
♫ Stardew Valley – The Smell of Mushroom
♫ Milton Math Games – Run Game
♫ Milton Math Games – Tobee (8-Bit Version)
♫ Milton Math Games – Raven
♫ Stardew Valley – The Lava Dwellers
♫ Stardew Valley – Visitor To The Unknown
♫ Milton Math Games – Puzzle
♫ Stardew Valley – Crystal Bells
♫ Milton Math Games – Tobee
♫ UNDERTALE – Here We Are
♫ deltarune – Faint Glow
♫ Super Mario Galaxy – Stardust Road
♫ Super Mario Galaxy – Freezeflame Galaxy
♫ Super Mario Galaxy – Space Fantasy
♫ Super Mario Galaxy 2 – Cosmic Cove Galaxy
♫ Super Mario Galaxy 2 – Rosalina

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  1. So it's just Serial Experiments Lain. Dope.

  2. the Milton plush, Real er than the ARG

  3. As a Coloradan i was surprised that those coordinates were near boulder.

  4. 23:57 Welp guess I no longer exist, also WHERE THE FUCK IS OKLAHOMA AND OHIO?!

  5. The style of the characters kinda reminds me of Dandyquiver (who's super underrated)
    They have a lot of charm to them, and match the era well

  6. 53:09 oh shit that’s my exact birthday, like down to the year

  7. Holy guacamole I was not expecting a catto boi reference ( 23:31 ) then Hawaii part II! ( 23:58 )

    Also I love the overabundance of comic sans 😛 and how the help button is just the different teachers talking.

  8. Ahhh I remember throwing up watching this video(it was completely unrelated to the videos quality,you did a great job!)

  9. garret w rizz was so true i am dead on the floor

  10. If Minaxa ever becomes part of an ARG we're done for… 😅

  11. type commands
    whoareyou = redirects to whoareyou website also a secret message: It's been too long… my form, my name, my body, my soul, it all aches… I'm losing grip on myself… what is left of me?
    help = again, to the whoareyou webstie
    run = redirects to jump n' run
    gulliver = message
    bucky = message
    dina = message
    jumpypop = message
    dezz = message
    catto = redirects you to catto.html (nice reference)
    curse = ''ur not funny''
    swear = same as curse
    developer = developer page(?)
    jap = japanese website
    puzz = puzzle game
    areyouli = message
    kibbl = message

  12. As someone who grew up with a Wii, when you gave the “loud unpleasant noise warning” I knew EXACTLY what was coming. Never thought that godawful crash noise would be nostalgic to me, but here we are lol. Love your content!

  13. Fun fact! The Milton website was made in 2007

  14. 35:10 it says "Thanks for watching!! Please rate 5 stars for more content!!" says the same thing at 35:14. I find it disturbing that when each image start to pop up or fade in the background noise starts to get more distorted then followed by a car crash at 35:33. It's also disturbing on how that footage got on to the channel. I have so many questions. Did Charlotte know about the video? why were there images of Milton Math Games appearing? Does Charlotte know that Jamie is trying to communicate with her? I have to many questions that if I tried to stat them all we would be here for days!

  15. Is this one of those scripted podcast videos but it's not a podcast? It's so scripted… Www.

  16. does anybody know what horror series shows up on the far right? the "getting dreamy" one? i tried searching for it but couldnt find it

  17. Haven't watched through the whole video yet, though where is ohio on the map?

  18. bro i went on the site and typed "charlotte" and the sound effect scared the living god outta me 😭😭
    Also cool vid

  19. Hear me out Jamie looks like Luke from Jessie ok? I have some evidence 9:45

  20. It too me awhile to notice but i realized tobee is the help button during the garret video

  21. i wish he had special avatars for other args

  22. I did not use lowered sound on the spelling bee because I’m not a scaredy cat

  23. Welp, a chezz kids related arg has popped outta nowhere.. my sleep is now gone

  24. This is pure creepy gold! 🤩⭐️. Can the next episode be about the deep dive of Kinetopet horror game.

  25. WOAHHH!!!
    100% CREEPY

  26. I like how the painting in the first episode hinted to "jamie" being stuck but it was a pretty good starter!

  27. Im gonna be honest, I don’t like this video. I get you’re really hyper involved but it feels like someone trying to explain something to me like I’m halfway through a CW show just throwing names and phrases without ever introducing them as concepts as if we were supposed to know. Just slow down bruh.

  28. I'd like to clarify some stuff real quick, since it seems a decent amount of people have come to incorrect understandings from this video.

    My level of involvement with the creation of Milton Math Games is nothing except for my voice role. I have not confirmed any story details or theories with the creator, and I am not in any discord server or group related to its development. I don't know the story! All of the analysis in this video is my own! I also planned on making this video a LONG time ago, before I became friends with the series' creator.

    Hopefully that clears some stuff up!

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