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This video is about a Game which helps you to learn to calculate faster in a Fun way which I developed in the span of 3 months as a complete Beginner.

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  1. 😍😍😍😍😍

  2. Thank you bro to make this game and these videos everyday.

  3. I downloaded the game, ill see if it will work for me

  4. Please add highest score bord +link to gmail + same user name ( no need to change name sgain and again ) , give tyers/ medels / level to playes .like in freefire or Pubg THIS APP STOPS SOMETIMES BUT SOMETION RUNS SMOOTH , my highest score is 270 😂😂 becos all questions are same.

  5. You should add badges and coins naming math coins so that we can buy skins of blob and add superskill like point doubler (when you use it if you gave right answer it will calculate 2 time of the point ) gave this feedback for your game bcz you ask tell me if you like my suggestion.

  6. Hey when are u going to post it in iOS been waiting for more than a year

  7. Your videos are super amazing I love them sooo much!

  8. It's a lot of fun and addicting. My highest score is 2640

  9. I can't download it what should I do please help. Thanks

  10. I can't download it. They said is not working in my device

  11. Helps me train up with a fun way. A nice game. My highest score currently is 3510

  12. My suggestion is that the mistaken problem mental math trick should also available in this app

  13. reached 7700ish high score in my first run then fell asleep while I had all 3 lives left 💀

  14. The desktop web version doesn't load for me 🙁

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