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Abandoned 2 The Forest Walkthrough Cool Math Games

Puzzle Walkthrough
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In the second part of Abandoned 2, an unnamed hero continues to search for his twin brother in an abandoned forest town. The game has many hidden places, there are several interesting and rather original puzzles. Tasks are not particularly difficult, but it’s a little difficult to navigate, since there is no map and to remember where you need to go you need to wander around the game a little. To complete the game you need to feed seven keys to the unit, which will give you a special pass. All four hidden signs are found in this video. Game taken from cool math games.


  1. Bro I cant get the second symbol because the code 24 is not working

  2. bruh i aint even know that was a blue light im dumb as hell

  3. does anyone know what the dev meant in the last rune's message (last secret)? i wanna know if i got it or not lol

  4. who eals felt bad fir the guy suck in the "darknes" aka the room in the light tempal the you CANT get in

  5. Im confused by the puzzle with the sliding room and red number panel. How did they figure out the code is 24?

  6. I opened the door at the end I heard someone on a a trqmsmition and it ended

  7. where do you get the symbol that looks like U

  8. For anyone confused on the |: symbol, go into the train and turn all of them to red. then, put one as white and count all the rooms. the number seems to be different for everyone, so that's why 24 doesn't work.

  9. Someone helpp i used the red botton for the 3rd button on the elevator and I didnt use it to get the second code. And i dont have anyother buttons..someone plss help me find another button or did i mess up..😫

  10. y'all he got the :l by counting the number of rooms but every time the rooms spin it's a different number

  11. You only need one button(since there’s only one button) but if you want to see the symbol on door then you’ll want to have the button on the other door but otherwise your fine

  12. How do you change the light thing into the ladder

  13. The code for the thingy at 12:45 is this here. Top to bottom is 1234
    Here is the code. 412 233 321 111 111 442 222 221 112 111 222 222 111 123 422 222 221 333 13

  14. This video would have been ten minutes long if you simply knew wtf you were doing

  15. No idea if people still look here but how do you get the golden key they had at the start? I don’t have it when I start

  16. I used the button on the elevator instead of the door and now i have to restart the whole thing 🙁 anyone have any ideas how to fix this? I've tried everything.

  17. how do you do the blue room i cant get the combination to work?

  18. Wait I used the stick for the ladder instead, and I can't get to the top of the temple cause I completed the puzzle.

  19. I’m gonna be honest this dude pissed me off so much going back and forth to rooms we had finished in and trying to use a key he had already tried on the same door

  20. 10:12
    you have no idea how many times I had to turn that box off and on again, even with this tutorial


  22. i like how u just go to another dimension and you just fix as much as you can

  23. baa ba ba bada im not really lovin it says:

    a little confused at 2:49. i dont know if i did something wrong because i cant get the ladder thing.

  24. I need desperate help on the sliding box buzzle at 12:45 Can someone give me the numbers in order like Top is 1 and it goes down 234 and they give me the order of the buttons I push?

  25. what is the logic of the light puzzle, i cant figure it out, or is there any logic at all? what the heck is it?

  26. i feeel so stupid, why cant i figure out the puzzle box, it just seems to make no sense and have no logic!! how do people figure it out?

  27. I did the opposite, I mistakenly used the red button in the room with the planet to get the code, but now don't have a button to use on the elevator. Is there any work around as I can't recover the button?

  28. 18:26 brooo I used my Button for that thing to get up to the last level 😭😭I didn’t know it was for a door? Idk where to get a second button forrr

  29. This is horrible 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎😾


  31. So if I place the red button in the wrong place do I have to restart

  32. Answered all the questions but left with more questions to keep me up at night

  33. So I have activated at least 3 of the symbols but when I go to the floating runes, none of them light up or have the hand print thing. Is there something special I needed to do to activate them?

  34. can someone please explain how im supposed to know what to press and stuff for the part at 23:38– i feel like a toddler trying to understand algebra…

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