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Abandoned 2 The Forest Walkthrough Cool Math Games

Puzzle Walkthrough
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In the second part of Abandoned 2, an unnamed hero continues to search for his twin brother in an abandoned forest town. The game has many hidden places, there are several interesting and rather original puzzles. Tasks are not particularly difficult, but it’s a little difficult to navigate, since there is no map and to remember where you need to go you need to wander around the game a little. To complete the game you need to feed seven keys to the unit, which will give you a special pass. All four hidden signs are found in this video. Game taken from cool math games.


  1. It let me use the red knob as the elevator button since it’s missing, are collecting the symbols important??

  2. i used the red button for the elevator instead of the door and idk how to get the symbol now

  3. Thank you for doing this! It really helped me and my friend go through this game, it’s a shame there is not 3rd one….

    But thank you for doing this I really appreciate it!

  4. Can't find the key hanging from the vine. Cam someone help?

  5. Yo people, I can help you out. Any questions?

  6. Anybody know where he got the pinkish circle thingy, it kinda looks like an eraser. I didn’t see him pick it up in the vid

  7. The box with symbols on it won’t light up for me

  8. So that's how you open the portal. I was wondering what to do there because I still had all my keys. Thanks I finished the game now.

  9. Ur a fucking idiot ur not showing us how to do it ur just speeding through it aimlessly go off of this platform loser

  10. 13:29 i did not even do those codes well i did but it was really easy

  11. Ah shoot I missed how you got the second symbol ;o;
    The one that looks like a letter U with a dot on top and a line below.
    I'll try looking through the video again to find how but if anyone would like to reply with the answer please do!

  12. To everyone trying to get the symbol when the button was used on the elevator, you can click it through the door.

  13. 17:23 you know how the screen and stuff is lighting up yellow(or orange) it isn't lighting up for me and so I can't get the key help please

  14. if ur stuck on 13:00 then click the top on four times and the bottom one four times – got it from another video

  15. i took the pyramid thing out before so now i cant open the thing and idk what to do ;-;

  16. i like how he went out of his way to draw a penis

  17. i need to find the second red button other than that im fine

  18. When I’m doing the pattern for the ladder to go upstairs and it won’t let me go up to get the key can someone help?

  19. at 12:4514:20 all you need to put in in the top button 4 times and the bottom button 4 times it's not that hard!

  20. 4:25 i cant open that door hat has a 1 symbol next to it

  21. im complaining about 2:46 how did that happen cause its not working for me

  22. 20:50 how did you know the numb was 24? i tried and it won't work for me, is it based on something? someone please tell me

  23. On the temple where we solve the maze it doesn't change for the other thing for me, I already did everything I could, I did exactly the same thing this guy did, and it just doesn't work. I already reseted the level a billion times and tried again, but that was no use.
    Edit: nvm I got it the switch on the ladder needs to be up

  24. I couldn't climb above the part where the yellow lines connect.

  25. I can't figure out how to do this part in the game 19:34 how can I do it right?

  26. bruh i cant get to the wall ladder in the tomb thing

  27. Wow. I love this game. I was never able to finish it, so thanks for the awesome walkthrough. It actually kinda gave the feeling of playing the game myself, but a little quicker, thankfully.
    It's just… so cool. Is there a part two of Abandoned 2? If so, I would love to see it.

  28. What are those things one of them where like /: something like that, what's it for? I can't get to it, it's really annoying to me 😅 edit: alright I know what it's for but I still can't get one of them it's so hard! The face that goes like /: this or something, how do I do it, I can never get it, I have tried so many ways that I can't do it

  29. where did you find the first symbol that looks like l:

  30. bruh nobody talking abt the pen1s he drew in the blue tile room

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