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Adding & Subtracting! | Mini Math Movies | Scratch Garden

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A great introduction to adding and subtracting numbers! This addition and subtraction for kids lesson teaches math operations and simple equations in a fun and entertaining way with donuts and sloths! Perfect for laughing and learning inside or outside the classroom, this video covers math operations vocabulary, opposite operations math, and adding zero to a number. Adding and subtracting two digit numbers has never been so fun!

00:00 – Introduction
00:51 – Introducing Adding & Subtracting
01:53 – Introducing Written Numerals & Operation Signs
02:47 – Simple Equation Example # 1
03:31 – Simple Equation Example # 2
04:51 – Introducing Opposite Operations Math
05:54 – Simple Equation Example # 3 | Adding Zero to a Number
07:04 – Outro

Mini Math Movies is a new mathematics educational series from Scratch Garden full of in depth math lessons for kids! Check out the full playlist here:

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