Addition And Subtraction Math Games For 1st And 2nd Grade -

Addition And Subtraction Math Games For 1st And 2nd Grade

Liz Blue and Hazel
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In this video I’m sharing our 1st and 2nd grade math games for addition and subtraction. Most of these are ideal for around 2nd grade math level, while some of these math games are easy enough to do in 1st grade.

Gameschooling math makes our homeschool more fun, and I find games to be the perfect reinforcement for learning math facts.

You can read my math games blog post here (more games there than in this video):

Leave me a comment if you have another fun math game not listed here! I’d love to try it out, and it’ll also help others reading the comments.

Homeschool blog resource page:

Game links below are affiliate links:

Sums in Space:


Even Stevens Odd:

Math Noodlers:

Math Dice Jr. game in small blue bag:

I Sea 10:

Sleeping Queens:

Clumsy Thief Candy Shop (making pairs of 20):

Clumsy Thief Junior: (making paris of 10):

Clumsy Thief (adding to 100):

Check the Fridge (adding to 25):


Mathable Deluxe:

Architecto (a building game using 3d shapes):

Addition Facts That Stick (6 weeks, 6 math games):

Math games on my wish list:
Tri-facta addition and subtraction (practices number bonds!):



  1. I recommend also Robot Turtles board game. Not math, but good introduction to logic and programming concepts.

  2. So many of these are new to me, and I can't wait to try them out with my two kids! We love love Yahtzee and Sleeping Queens already. I think a few of these my kids would be really excited about ☺ Thanks for sharing these! We love adding new games!

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