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Addition and Subtraction Math Games for Kids

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Addition and subtraction for kids; the initial baby steps taken in the world of math when it comes to teaching the kids how to add and how to subtract. The lesson could be delivered through a game played and that’s one of the methods we consider the most successful.

Math is all about addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, and there are different methods or games which are used to solve these mathematical problems or else teach the kids how to solve them. In this educational video, the lesson is delivered to the kids through the XO game, which is also known as the Tic-Tac-Toe in some countries.

We are depending on this game in teaching kids different things and not just addition and subtraction, such as teaching them to write down letters and spell them correctly as a part of the phonics lesson (). And there is also this lesson related to math which we have brought through this video.

The XO game in this math lesson is played in a different kind of way. First of all, parents should play the original game with their kids with the X’s and O’s to make sure that they understand the rules and could actually play the game. After the parents make sure of their kids’ understanding of the game, they will then move forward to the part of doing the same grid table and place some mathematical equations in every single box. The kid will then need to solve the problem before placing the X or the O.

While playing this game with the child, there are some important tips for the parents to pay attention to, such as asking the kids to double check the answers they provide while playing with them in order to share in all the equations written in the game, they should also ask them to find other words for “add” and “subtract” or if the kids are using other words to ask for the same thing, and they should also ask them about the method they have used to bring out the answer and at the same time parents should also use different ways – such as counting in mind and use the fingers – to give ideas for the kids ().

Giving the kids the chance to think, helping them to answer some mathematical problems by asking questions and asking about their opinions, are things that will usually help in making the process much easier and give the kids the chance to learn how to add and subtract, not just that, but could spot out the mistakes and correct them and could also know where the mistake they have made is.

Addition and subtraction are two different mathematical operations that kids learn at the beginning of their educational journey. Addition is considered easier and kids could depend on their fingers in order to bring out the answers (). Subtraction on the other hand is considered a little bit more difficult since sometimes kids fall in the dilemma of receiving a negative or else starting with the wrong number, so that’s why it might be perceived as a harder lesson for the kids than the addition ().

When it comes to the games used in math in order to teach the child to add and subtract, there are different things which they could try out. There are the mental math tricks which they could play on their family and friends and show them the magic (), Lego could be also used to teach the kids to add and subtract in so many different ways which we find them all good for the kids since they love to play with Lego () and there are also the games played with play doh which could be also used for the kids to teach them addition and subtraction and make the whole process of counting much easier for them ().

Addition and subtraction are both easy lessons for the kids to learn, but it will always depend on the games played and the methods used, so parents should always use their creativity and choose the interesting ways that will always keep the kids excited and willing to play and learn.

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