Addition Math Games for Kids - Four in a Row/Connect 4 -

Addition Math Games for Kids – Four in a Row/Connect 4

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How to add? That’s the question to ask the kids when they learn math and counting and know how they are supposed to solve the mathematical problems which they come to face. Connect Four is the game we used in this video to make addition appear much easier for the kids.

There are several games that kids could learn to add through and they could be even created on a piece of paper without the need to bring real games or objects to the table. Addition is the first mathematical operation that the kids get to learn and then it is followed by subtraction before the more complicated lessons, which are multiplication and division, are included in the process.

In this educational video, Connect 4 is the game we depended on to bring this method or lesson idea to the parents and kids. We all know that connect four is all about the idea of bringing four same colors in a row in order to win, and even though this will be changed a little bit in order for the math lesson to be implemented, it will be played in the same way.

In order to teach kids addition through playing Connect 4, the parent will draw those small circles on a piece of paper and place different numbers in every single one of them. The game will depend on the two dices which the kid and the parent will play with – we even brought one of the dices with dots and not numbers to help with the number recognition. On turn, each one will throw the two dices, add the two numbers they receive, and then color the circle on the paper with this number. The first one to get four circles in the same row will end up being the winner.

While playing with your child, ask them some questions along the process to make sure that they are paying attention to what they are doing and not just counting and adding the number. Ask them how did they reach the answer, what was the method they used, when they calculate the two numbers on the dices, ask them what else could bring that same number and see what the answers they are going to give will be. All these questions will manage to examine the kids’ ability to solve different mathematical problems and see where their thinking skills could actually take them.

This is just one of the different math games that are found out there and which are related to teaching the kids to add, but there are different other ones that might even combine other operations in the process, such as teaching the kids how to subtract or else let them handle the equations that bring addition and subtraction both at the same time ().

As much as there are different games which the kids could play while learning math, like Lego and play-doh for example (), we still believe that the other games that could depend on a piece of paper and pen are much better and will even help the kid since the numbers will be placed in front of him/her and he/she could do several trials if needed with crossing the wrong answers out and leaving the right ones.

Problem solving is an important lesson for the kids to learn, it could be handled through several ways all the time, and that is considered the best thing about it all. Problem solving in math is about handling the different numbers, adding and subtracting, multiplying and dividing, but eventually coming to the right answer that was needed from the beginning ().

Whenever the kid is placed in a challenge that is related to math and learning it, they feel proud and happy when they get the final answer and solve the problem correctly, and that is the reason why we believe playing games with kids and giving them the chance to solve problems will be always a good thing for them and for their mind to think and solve the questions and the problems ().

What do you think of the Connect 4 method used in teaching the kids addition? Did it work out well with your kids? Did they enjoy it all at the end?

Enjoy watching this addition math game video with your child and teach them how it should all work out at the end.

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