Addition Math Speed Test (20 Problems) | Add Numbers Fast | Human Calculator Mental Maths Drill -

Addition Math Speed Test (20 Problems) | Add Numbers Fast | Human Calculator Mental Maths Drill

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Are you a human calculator? Test your addition math speed. Add numbers as fast as you can in this mental maths drill.
20 arithmetic problems with 4 levels of difficulty.
Good luck and have fun!


💬 COMMENT: Did you beat the final boss by scoring 5/5 in the final round?

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Title: The Duel
By: Benjamin Tissot (aka Bensound)

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  1. It was easy this for me pice of cake I defeated the final boos more tests, please.

  2. yeah sooo ezzzz truly i solved the all questions in time and boss level's first question was not math it was comman sence 😎💯

  3. I got all correct 20/20 and I cannot calculate fast so I paused it but I got all correct. Amazing.

  4. 20/20 I got all correct even the final boss.Its nice testing your brain. 🙂

  5. 19/20 😈 because Final Boss is 😈😈😈😭 oh my 1 score

  6. OMG when I do this first time I got 17 out of 20 and I do this second time and I got 20 out of 20

  7. soo speed 3 level but i passed 18 out of 20 the boss was very easy give some tough all subscribe his channel

  8. I got 20 out of 18 because last two questions were hard.I was righting in my paper.but it was so's ok.

  9. In that boss level i only got one wrong

  10. 4810 10 13 15 12 13 18 14 21 30 29 26 36 195 313 1083580 1998

  11. when i wrote we stilled the viedo and we both got 20 out of 20

  12. This is to ez and 999+999 is so ezzzzzzzzzzzzz a Barbary can do that for the god

  13. my son is 8 years old but he is 20/20 😂

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