Amazing Magic Trick With Numbers -

Amazing Magic Trick With Numbers

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▶ Amazing Magic Trick With Numbers

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  1. Nice try but my favourite numbers was 3 and my friend's is 4.
    Sadly the answer wasn't 34 or 43

  2. If my friends choose no 7 and my no. is 3 Then result [7×2=14+2=16×5=80-7=73] And my friend choose no 9 and my no. is 3 and next result [9×2=18+2=20×5=100-7=96] now my no. is same but different result how to conform my friends number is 7 or 9 ..

  3. u said my number is 3 so why did u changed the other. u should put the answer 35.Thubs down for that

  4. So in a Nutshell this could be called the Double, Add, Multiply Subtract 3 Magic number trick because I KISS & always choose 7 as my Lucky Guess, they can pick 1 to 9 & it will work. For example I choose and conceal 7. They choose 2. 2 doubled 4 plus 2=6 multiply 5 30 minus 3=27 their 2, my 7. Music was crazy distracting. Only good for freestyle Rap

  5. I have to studynot to do funny tricks ok

  6. ******* naaye loosa ne onnumey varala 🤬

  7. It is fake , 🧐
    It is only correct if you take this number 8️⃣, 6️⃣ and all of you 🤨tell me one thing he is telling to not show the friends number but here he is multiplying by his friends number only 🤭
    Ooooo bhai 😒
    Maro , maro mujhe maro 😤
    Hum gadhe🐐 dikhte hai yeha , Jo baide baide tumhare kartuto ko dekhte rahe .🤦
    You can try by taking these two numbers
    My number: 4 and
    Friend's number : 5
    He is saying we can take any number between 1to 9.
    Try it and comment me down 👇
    Is your answer is coming correct or not.😹

  8. hi my name is ben habib leucencney dao am a praticing magicain and i like what your doing (england)(ivory coast)

  9. It's really shocking how everybody's favourite number is 6.

    Just a joke😅. The number has to be 6 or the magic will not work.

  10. In your farmla 4where it is coming.inteaching(10_4)how it is

  11. You have to write (first write your favourite number not first you

  12. How it works he knows his friends number 😂🤣😂

  13. it didn't work for me! my number's 5 and my friend's number is 6

  14. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaahaaaaaaaa

  15. How do you make 7 even ?
    ''Take away the s.''

  16. Please tell me my friend number i tell but my imagination no. Not match with my friend number…..

  17. Wrong trick you choos 5 your and 6 your friend the answer will be wrong its 66

  18. Channel name : GMaths Tamil
    Category : Education (Maths)

  19. Let my number x.
    Let friend's number y.
    1) y*2 = 2y
    2) 2y+2
    3) (2y+2)*5 = 10y+10
    4) (10y+10)-(10-x) = 10y+x
    Now, on tens digit y, and on units digit, x.

    Power of algebra.

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