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[ASMR] Cool Math Games!

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A long relaxing ASMR gaming video full of puzzle, logic and strategy games as we take a trip down memory lane with some Cool Math Games!

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0:00 Intro
4:14 Cool Math Games
5:05 Parking Mania
20:20 2048
35:19 Bloxorz
50:30 Run 3
1:05:30 Outro

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  1. I used to speedrun Bloxorz in like 2 minutes

  2. Hes done cool math games, why not Miniclip games??

  3. I would be sick if u play fortnite with agn

  4. Hey Dido great video, the nostalgia hit me like a truck! A couple of ideas you could consider for ASMR gaming is Risk and Trivial Pursuit, I reckon those could be really good!

  5. Day one of asking Dido to play any sims game🙃

  6. Heck yeah, I was gonna suggest this too but never did lol

  7. *me playing Cool math games*

    Teacher: Go ahead and log off for me

  8. I remember in 5th grade i beat run 3 wow so long ago

  9. All of us 2000s kids are like hell yah nostalgia and tingles😁

  10. You should play the game “Slope” for a video I think it would be a very relaxing video.

  11. Such nostalgia. Thanks Dido for bringing back some good memories 😅

  12. Hey Dido, congrats on hitting 49.1K you’re close to 50k, I’ve been here since around 10k subs, and I’m glad I stayed around, I have some ideas you could do for 50k. 1. You could do a voice reveal, because I’ve never heard your actual voice before, it’s always been your whisper voice, and 2. You could do a q and a I have a couple questions like… 1. How old are you 2. What’s your favorite food 3. what’s your favorite thing to do in asmr and finally 4. What’s your favorite video game to play?

  13. all my fav coolmath games used flash but they got rid of flash 😭
    RIP flash 2005-2020, you made my childhood

  14. Anybody remember cool mouth anybody had a ipad at school or computer

  15. This is pretty nostalgic because in 4th grade we used to always play cool math games on fridays on the computers well- chrome books close enough 😂 and most people would play run and when 30-45 minutes were over we’d brag about how far we got into the game ah yes the good old days 😫🥲

  16. Day 1 of asking dido to play more minecraft puzzles

  17. thank you for helping me find one of my old childhood games too

  18. This video was posted to youtube 8 hours ago venom comment was 9 hours ago…….what?

  19. This was so fun to watch! I remember playing all of these games in school. Such a great video idea too! 🙂

  20. u can play papas on abcya and it’s an education game so there will let u just a tip!

  21. How are you supposed to get out of the car on level 8

  22. Day 1 of asking dido to play valorant with me.

  23. The website lives up to its name. Just not the maths part.

  24. I came back to your channel after a while and Im wondering if you will ever continue survival island cuz it was so good and i loved it

  25. Honestly for the people who do want to properly replay flash games and especially the ones on coolmathsgames, you can download the flash point infinity emulator and it literally has every single flash game on its database lol. banged out parking mania again

  26. I remember in our school we had a rule we were not allowed on cool maths games so if they caught you on it you would miss a break

  27. Day 2 of commenting until Dido does a magnetic orbs asmr video

  28. so relaxing, liked it as every video! 😀
    what about a second part of Getting over it?

  29. If you don't play run 3 I'm legally obligated to hurt you

  30. Day 1 of trying to get Dido to play Undertale

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