ASMR | Quick Focusing Math Games and Solving Math Problems ( personal attention, counting + ) -

ASMR | Quick Focusing Math Games and Solving Math Problems ( personal attention, counting + )

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This video has (slight) mouth sounds, math games, personal attention, counting, hand movements, hand sounds, and more. I hope you enjoy this video; I enjoyed filming it. I am always improving, while being open to change, so more and better to come. Feel free to give me any feedback. I have changed the background a little bit…I hope you see it in the next video;) happy Saturday!!

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0:00 hello/merhaba/salut/hola
0:43 math games
5:55 multiplication cards
9:00 dice
11:22 division cards
12:55 writing down math problems
15:44 bye/hoşçakal/au revoir/adios


  1. The enjoyable way to listen maths! Keep it up 😘

  2. bu kızın türk olduğuna dair çok ciddi şüphelerim var…

  3. посмотрев это видео я поняла, что математика не мой конек

  4. Она так смешно говорит привеТ

  5. Post more often im not getting sleep when theres no new videos so i wanna sleep

  6. Hola 👋 gracias por hacerme sentir bien tus videos me relajan mucho te amo 💖 saludos 🤗

  7. i don’t know why but this gave me anxiety 😅

  8. i normally never comment on videos but i love ur vids they fr help me sleep when i’m not tired at all. i watch ur vids almost every night before bed ❤️

  9. I fell asleep before commenting 🙁 haha, but with that I'm saying the great video quality you gave us yesterday, thank uuuu Kaaaaaath 😴💚

  10. Can you please add Mingalar Par word in your greeting words. It is a Burmese word.❤

  11. More spit painting but nice video very relaxing

  12. Really Thank u soo much for this! Being a student I am depressed and your ASMR really plays an important role in helping me out and plus you really look gorgeous in this video , infact in every video you are . Thank u once again ✨

  13. Bro is giving me the test of my life while am here trnna sleep💀

  14. I think it needs calculus, and some differential equations. You know, just the easy stuff…

  15. How often do you a re-record a microphone licking???

  16. The video is very beautiful And I hope you make a second part because I loved the video 📚😉❤️

  17. دلم برات تنگ شده بود خوشحال شدم دیدمت🙂

  18. I literally hate math and everything math related just gives me bad anxiety
    And I hesitated clicking on this video but you make me feel safe with your videos and I actually feel comfortable watching this, thank you

  19. I like how you whisper an speak quietly an the sounds you make it’s amazing 👌🏾

  20. Aunque se poco inglés aprendo viéndote y escuchando. Saludos desde Argentina

  21. You’re the only asmrtist I’ve seen that makes videos like this and I love them so much!! Please make more 🙂

  22. ok but like that was so creative and fun!


    I never knew i needed this but, i do 🥹 my adhd makes my school experience so hard, especially maths, the calmness, the patience. Most teachers hate teaching me bc im so stupid but this makes it feel better, ilysm <33 😭💕💕🥹🥹

  24. I'm not even good at math and I answered all these wtffff

  25. I really live you're videos I ehatch them every night before I go to sleep and it's like a therapy!!❤❤❤😊😊

  26. When it got to double digits that’s when I began to fail

  27. Only math class i enjoy commig to🎒📚✏📒

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