Awesome Book Bundle - C++, OpenGL, DirectX 12, Game Math, Game Testing and More! -

Awesome Book Bundle — C++, OpenGL, DirectX 12, Game Math, Game Testing and More!

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There is a nice collection of ebooks on sale on Humble right now for programmers, including books on graphics programming with OpenGL, DirectX 12, Java, C, Python, Game Testing and More.



  1. 3 of these books (specially the python ones) were all on my wishlist, so I just struck gold with this bundle 😛

    Ty for the vid.

  2. The Data structures book should be a must read. Beginners tend to use linked lists for everything but for some things you can get a 100x speed up by using hash tables. Especially for game design advanced data structures are really important. The angular books are kind of strange and who cares about the excel and access stuff? I wish the java stuff was C based though.

  3. I'm starting out, should I grab this? I am lazy and never read.

  4. "machine learning" is the general word. "deep learning" is a way of doing "machine learning".

  5. back to back videos. Gamesfromscratch with 145k.

  6. should i get this? i'm new to unreal engine and i want to understand it since ue using c++, if yes, which tier?

  7. As usual, the $1 tier is pretty hard to pass up. That C book is just what I needed too (assuming it's any good).

  8. Can you show some of the content of some of the books, like the game programming ones with directx, OpenGL, and the math one, I got burnt on the last bundle I bought from them

  9. Great deal on the $1 tier for the math book. It doesn't appear to do a lot of translation to code, but it covers a LOT of important math topics for game developers (2D and 3D). For $1 that's a great deal and everything else in that tier wouldn't be a bad bonus if you're looking for something to read. A lot of people here are probably going to be very interested in the OpenGL CPP book in the top tier. Just scanning the contents and reading reviews, I get the impression that it's a survey, and doesn't go in to great detail about any topic. That may be great, but I wouldn't expect the book alone to prepare anyone to build their own game engine. On the other hand, if you wouldn't know where to start, it may be a great way to get to the point where you know what else to lookup, and that's a breakthrough point.

  10. * pile of books have been push to the stack of software books to read *
    * skill lvl up- Hoarding unused knowledge Lvl.2 *

  11. This is gold and I'm uni broke, someone please buy this for me lol I legit promise I'll reading 6+ of these books 😂 what a bundle! ✨

  12. Thank you! Hopefully there is useful stuff inside 🙂
    I also was pleasantly surprised to read 12€ instead of 19 CAD$ ;), didn't think if would be that much less 🙂

  13. Lol, I directly found a typical error in the Java book
    System.out.println(s1 == s2); // compares contents of s1 and s2

    -> no, it compares the pointers and often can go wrong because of that

  14. Clean code would have been cool along the rest, oh well.

  15. I love Humble Book Bundles! Still haven't read all the books from last time's bundle though, I definitely need to pick up my pace.

  16. I stopped buying e-books, because I have all the e-books on the internet already and I can't find enough time to read them.

  17. I'm guessing the reason the $1 tier looks so good is that those are the books that have been in multiple bundles, so most people will have them already…!

  18. Thanks for the info on this bundle books. I bought the biggest package from your link. Now I must find time to read 🙂

  19. looks like there's only one good book "Computer Graphics Programming in OpenGL with C++ Second Edition" and only if you're new in a render topic

  20. Перед выходом видео я скачал эти книги. Автор следит за мной?

  21. Hi, I find this bundle extremely interesting thank you very much! I tried to buy it, but it tells me that I will pay an extra 16€/month subscription. It seems that I can cancel this later and pay it only once. Will I still have access to the books after that? Or will I have to store them in a cloud before cancelling the automatic subscription?

  22. Already have some books in the 2nd and 3rd tier. The $1 tier is nice.

  23. I realy like to have a 3D game programming with diretcx 12 book but i dont have money for this tier 😟

  24. Do you got the bundle? The description does not match the book cover, not even the name in the case of Computer Graphics Programming in OpenGL Using C++ .
    What is the book I would receive in this case?

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  26. i am not only intrested in gamedev but also AI and programming, so this is a steal!

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