Baldi playing math race 😆 #roblox #funny #games #baldisbasics -

Baldi playing math race 😆 #roblox #funny #games #baldisbasics

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  1. "Don't eat ass in the halls!"-Baldi 2024

  2. ohohyasdx😅🎉ohohetxgs😢ohohegsc😂

  3. Bro the time you have played 1.800+ over second

  4. Math baldi :


  5. I like how the baldis basics community just came back so fast when doctor reflex came out

  6. The video:😊😊

    The audio:💀💀💀

  7. Here’s a tip abandon ship goes hard though😭

  8. Hi, I'm Baldi, Nice I meet ya, #$$(@! me into the pracita, function the game to shout my name and use my #@#$!, one is right but your are wrong, you haven't use my $#!@, singing this song is go ding dong the door i open on you, heres a tip abandoned ship, wanna see my campfire YOOAAA, Oh oh oh hi there, Welcome to my ##@? palace, Oh oh oh hi there, pls don't leave I had no friends, oh oh oh hi there, let's go camping let me #$(#? ya, oh oh oh hi there, haha i-#$$!@

  9. Plz don’t leave I have no friends is relatable and a banger

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