Balloon Run 3D - Math Games (Freeplay, MAX Level) -

Balloon Run 3D – Math Games (Freeplay, MAX Level)

Android Weekly
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Collect balloons and gems to jump through platforms!
Can you collect 100 balloons?
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Lolli Ellie
August 6, 2021
This game literally has zero ads and I haven’t found a game like this in so long. Even to collect prizes after filling the box to 100% there is no video to watch, you just collect it.

Rich Burson
July 10, 2021
Been playing for a couple days now so far no ads and quite fun, definitely has the potential to be a blast. Let’s hope they stay away from Adpocalypse.

Steve Salhoff
September 23, 2021
Pretty good game, with no ads. I think that I may have come to the end though. Got to level 404 and a way forward is not found. Well played, developers!


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