Baroness - Math Games [Making 'Gold & Grey'] -

Baroness – Math Games [Making ‘Gold & Grey’]

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Baroness on tour now:

Listen to the new album ‘Gold & Grey’ here:

Filmed and edited by Pam Strohm and John Dyer Baizley

Baroness – Math Games [Making ‘Gold & Grey’]

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  1. So jealous. I would love the opportunity to make music with such talented and dedicated musicians. Baroness is just awesome.

  2. Epic. I found myself hanging around this channel and refreshing the page to see the next vid. Great tune, and great story. Thanks again you guys.

  3. Gold & Grey is the first Baroness record that took multiple listens for me to click with the structures and the concepts of each song. I’m still finding new layers two months later.

    I love the previous albums, but this one is special.

  4. How many old fans who slated the new album are gonna creep out of the wood work and show some admiration for it now ? 💛

  5. I'm not real impressed with the new baroness album I've never been a huge fan of baroness I mean I like the red album and the Purple album it's just not what I was expecting from them I think losing summer Welch was a big deal he added a lot to that band and gave them and heavier Edge I mean out of all the bands that have that particular sound like baroness bear sound is certainly more week in mainstream as it's ever been and I was going to go see him live I was looking forward to the new Alvin and I heard it and I've listened to it over and over and I just can't get into it there's no way I'm going to waste money seeing these guys live. But you know that's my take on the record and I'm sure everybody has their different take on it can some people might not like my reaction to the album but you know we have a right to our opinions. I mean it's certainly not as good as the new Pelican album that's album of the Year course I haven't heard the new Tool album but I don't think anything can touch the new Pelican album bedtime stories and I wasn't impressed about the new Russian circles album blood year but it's definitely better than the baroness album.

  6. This is the real deal. I listen to this track often and WEEP- It gives me this profoundly overwhelming sense of richness – purity beyond words

  7. I'm so glad Baroness do these making of/behind the scenes videos. On top of delivering top notch tunes, you get a much better sense of why certain decisions are made, and can also connect with the band a bit more.

  8. @6'30 : ooh, is that Fleetwood Mac's "Rumours" ?

  9. Would love to hear it remixed and remastered.

  10. These videos often inspire me to keep on writing. Thanks again guys.

  11. 100th like. Only. I keep listening to this album and it touches me deeper everytime.

  12. This album is fantastic. I’ve listened to it almost every day since it came out. I’ve been a fan since I saw you guys with Mastodon back in 2010.

  13. Love these behind the scenes/commentary videos! Props to band and everyone who put them together.

  14. I'm getting an insight into this record in a way I never have with any other Baroness album. Thank you for taking us with you on this magical journey guys. Gold & Grey (and Gina's arrival) has really been a turning point for this band and I feel really privileged to have witnessed it.

  15. The club atlético river plate hat is great

  16. Gina always sounds tired, yet excited. Lol

  17. I love this album. I love this band. I love these videos. THANK YOU BARONESS!!!!!

  18. Seb is so fucking cool and bad ass!!!! He looks like an MC or DJ from the 80s. He’s got serious flavor, and not just behind the drum kit, though he has it there in spades.

  19. I saw them in Charlotte. I was grinning from ear to ear, fantastic band.

  20. Magical album. Couldn't drop at a better time. Kind of like an anchor. Welcome to Gina.

  21. Sebastian dancing and John playing those bells… PRICELESS!

  22. I think you nailed it John when you spoke about "not wanting to write those songs again".

    Sometimes when I create a drawing or painting, I feel intimidated when I look at it later. It's as if it came from somewhere else and I know I couldn't replicate it. Yet, I always thirst for the next project and what new things I might learn along the way.

    Well said, guys!

    Thank you Baroness for doing what you love. Rock on 🙂

  23. The Album is a good direction, though i miss the sludge roots, but the mixing is just horrible. Baroness, please do a remaster of Gold And Grey!

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