Battling the PUPPET MASTER!!! Prodigy Math Game -

Battling the PUPPET MASTER!!! Prodigy Math Game

Camden Bell
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Battling the PUPPET MASTER!!! Prodigy Math Game
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  1. When I tapped on the video 1 sec and a prodigy ad comes up… they might be watching us….😮😮😮

  2. I beat the puppet master on level 96 got close in the 80s

  3. How i am lv 60 something idk but i got all the keystones

  4. If anyone will even see this I want to old prodigy back please bring it back dude it’s so much better

  5. The puppet master is level hundred I could beat the puppet master I’m on level 63

  6. you should have used all out attack when you got all your health back it does 931 for powerfull and 634 for not powerfull

  7. So close to beating the puppet master

  8. bro you did not have to grind all the way to level one hundred someone once beated the puppet master at level 76 the required thing is you need to have astral pets (if you have one) or just have the celestial wand and the highest hp pets. but im still happy that you won against the puppet master:)

  9. I’d sub🎉🎉🎉🎉❤❤❤❤❤😊

  10. I beat the puppet master at level 95

  11. I still play this game on my pc I love it!!

  12. Camden Bell im level 100 can i Play with you today i just wanted to battle with you 😊

  13. What map you on the star th frozone or coalshrike and fireplane or Arachina

  14. I actually defended the puppet master

  15. I play prodigy everyday and I'm only level 90 and I beat the puppet Master

  16. This Was A Really Hard Battle. I Fought So Hard Until Somehow I Defeated Him Finally.

  17. i play prodigy and im lvl like 37 (dont play as much as my friends) and they make fun and laugh at me just for not playing alot and this video makes me feel like ignore them and keep on going. Thank you man

  18. I want to shout at the puppet master with my friendS

  19. Your videos of the best I watch them a lot I like them I wish you had one meal

  20. I'm level 96 on prodigy
    The videos are so awesome❤😊

  21. Bro had the all out attack why did you not use it

  22. harmony island is coming back and there's gonna be new Shadow Villains

  23. I played at my school so many times after maths


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