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Beam Walkthrough Cool Math Games

Puzzle Walkthrough
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Beam has 7 types of puzzles with minimalistic graphics. The common thing in the game is that you need to draw a ray from the initial position to the final. Each puzzle has its own rules that need to be understood and solved after this several tasks. The puzzles are not very difficult. Game played on :


  1. 😭😭😭😭😭I cant do it I'm on mobile

  2. That's like red beam through the pipe path on Monday, orange beam through the maze on Tuesday, yellow beam through the press button on Wednesday, green beam through the toggle gates on Thursday, blue beam through the grid on Friday, purple beam through the brick break on Saturday and pink beam through the concentric disc on Sunday

  3. you can do play beam game and play

  4. Why did you skip level 3 of the concentric circles?

  5. I can't get the last level of concentric circles… can somebody help me?

  6. the music is awesome!, what are the names?

  7. im still confused, please describe it more specifically, and maybe put in text in the video because im still stumped
    edit: nvm i completed all levels!

  8. ONG THANK YOU SO MUCH I WAS STUCK ON 6-5 this helped me a lot thank you so much!!!

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