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Big Tall Small Walkthrough Cool Math Games

Puzzle Walkthrough
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Big Tall Small is a platformer with three heroes. The first one is small, it can penetrate narrow passages and jump further than the rest. The second one is tall, can jump higher for the rest. The third big one can move blocks and hit red bullets with his body. The game also has teleports that only work on heroes that fit them in size, jumps, buttons, lasers and much more. The game is taken from the site:


  1. At level 13 the yellow is with the laser, I don't know how I can get through, because if I put the blue down he can't go up again, I would like to know how to get the yellow out of the laser

  2. Level 11 got me because I thought the key in the corner was a visual bug.

  3. Level 13 for me the yellow guy is INBetween the lock and lazer thingy!!!!! WHA

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