Bill Gates Vs Human Calculator -

Bill Gates Vs Human Calculator

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Bill Gates Vs Human Calculator


  1. bro had a perfect chance to merk bill gates and instead they chose math problems

  2. One of the most evil men on the planet. Experiments on poor africans for his "vaccine research"

  3. Bill: it will take me a while.

    Yet instantly agrees with every other answer she gave.

    He has no idea what the answers were 😂

  4. She is amazing on multiple levels.❤🎉❤😅

  5. Bill Gates was there for emotional support

  6. She's adorable! Absolutely perfection! 😅😍😏😎👍🏻just casually hangin out with bill!

  7. How do you know the decimals that's not even possible to think of

  8. But she said 118380 thats what his calculator shows 🤷‍♂️

  9. Who knew Jeffrey Epsteins good friend and client was so good at math

  10. Last plandemic was brought you buy bill fucking gates. He plays for god these day's.

  11. Acting like Bill Gates is some kind of genius

  12. How about Mr.Tim Cook and Steve Wozniak next?

  13. My ex only had a yr 9 education but he was a math savant,left this girl for dead…he would do it as a party trick and have the answer faster than calculator.You wouldn't have thought it to talk to him though

  14. Bill gates was constantly looking behind

  15. This guy faked his whole life. This video proves it.

  16. Add every no in this video still nothing compared to his bank acc

  17. And what exactly is the use of this skill?

    Will she replace the calculators?

  18. Yall know he was on that island right ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Thats why his wife left

  19. I think I might know a part of the trick
    Does anyone notice how she doesn’t say like one-thousand but just says 1? I think she does it part by part so she gets it quickly

  20. Why do I get the feeling that Bill is just a scammer 😅.

  21. She's brilliant, but has he ever claimed to be fast with mental math?

  22. Why does Bill Gates look like older and heavier Ellen DeGeneres here???

  23. Bill gates: you wanna work for me ?

  24. bro why are you asking math questions to computers

  25. I mean shes asian what can i say ofc shes smart

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