Bill Gates Vs Human Calculator -

Bill Gates Vs Human Calculator

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Bill Gates Vs Human Calculator


  1. Doctor: “Bill I’m sorry but you only have 3 seconds left to live-“

    Bill: “you’re right.”

  2. That “perfect” was Billy thinking ohhhh I might need to smash this one! 😂

  3. Bill don't fucking know 😂😂😂
    "Sounds about right" 😂

  4. Bill acting like he’s fucking confirming the first ones

  5. Bro the first one is not possible, her later attempts much different from first. Man, don’t cheat!

  6. Imagine meeting bill gates and playing this dumb game instead of asking why he flew to epstiens island.

  7. What does she seem like bill gates escort that surprised him that she’s really good at maths so he called his buddy up and got him round to record a video of her

  8. Haha behind the camera someone has a calculator

  9. prime bill gates with training solos ur verse

  10. Asian parents: i can't believe you missed one , you're such a failure

  11. 2-3=?
    Her – monkey
    Bill – you’re right

  12. No matter how fast she calculates, she's never going to have as much digits in the bank as him 😂

  13. What is this? Some kind of media campaign to make Bill Gates look good or what?

    Screw that monster!

  14. He has no idea if she right or not 😂

  15. Bill Gates is like "yeah i was about to say that"

  16. Does anyone notice the questions are like from dhar mann its called “GENIUS KID GETS SENT TO BOARDING SCHOOL” if you search it up youll see it😊

  17. Scripted, she never will be that good at math

  18. This isn't Bill Gates vs Calculator…this is asian chick vs calculator. Please change the title.

  19. The bet was that she had to get everything right or spend a night on the ISLAND.

  20. Guess what? Iam buying your brain now 😂

  21. keep trying to rebuild your image Bill… loser

  22. Bill I isn’t giving a single solitary f**k lmaooo he’s thinking let me make the peasants happy really quick so that they can take this jab.

  23. Se ligou
    Fader na Empatia
    The Raciocínio

  24. “I 💩 myself “

    Bill: your exactly right!

  25. this dude is trying to take over the world and hes on yt like we're not gonna notice 💀

  26. That last "perfect" sounded like it was from epsteins island.😂

  27. What is never going yo Epstein island times actually going 100 times equals????

  28. Just askin do they know they are standing right next to a billionare?

  29. He hasn't had to think in 10 years lol.

  30. At least he is honest good Guy Bill Gates

  31. that's how happy I got when I got 12×12 correct

  32. Thats not bill gates thats lil bates

  33. To not get the answer for the one she missed but say she right for them all seem sus lol

  34. OMG, its the guy who is on the Epstein flight logs!!! Also the biggest contributer to globalization, digital IDs and the clot shot!! A real POS

  35. Never trust video montages 🙂 Too many options to share the right answer with her behind the scene 😅

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