Boddle Math Game Walktrhough!!! -

Boddle Math Game Walktrhough!!!

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Revive your child’s or students’ love of math with Boddle! Boddle is a wonderful math game with relaxing music, fun math-related arcade games, seasons, and plenty of rewards to keep children motivated!

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  1. I played yesterday it’s really fun

  2. hi boodle went to the 7th serese and i lover battaling with my friends but one question how do i reget a grass pet if i cant find ant tortoryols

  3. I dont regret buying stuff from this app broI got pet pets now bro🦅But at the same time I do regret

  4. Thank you for the video! Do you think Boddle is more engaging than Prodigy?

  5. i got it but i need to get my pets level up but it takes so long

  6. my pet is in level 14 and i only need 1 more exp book to get its pet pet😂

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