*BRAND NEW* Summer Festival EVENT in Prodigy Math Game - monstrousmath.com

*BRAND NEW* Summer Festival EVENT in Prodigy Math Game

ProdigyMath Pirate
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Prodigy Math Game – *BRAND NEW* Summer Festival EVENT in Prodigy Math Game
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  1. and also thanks for telling us when it is going to be the summer fest

  2. Did I you kill that guy?
    Me: haha haha haha haha haha again!!!!!!!

  3. im friends with you!
    in prodigy i think….

  4. Awesome video!!!!! I can't wait for my first Summer fest in prodigy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. and how do you rescue epics?????????????????????????????????

  6. guys im playing prodigy and guess what

  7. Guy can I tell you something today is summer. Festival I am not tricking you it is true.

  8. Ethan Mast - Gaming, Comedy, and More! says:

    Hey pirate I just got a Applepot and I did 7k damage and it was WEAK! Applepot is probably one of the most powerful pets.

  9. My applepot did 8k damage in the arena!!! It’s a super good pet

  10. i also got the drac gear and the drac helm and the drac

  11. i really like the DUN DUN DUNNNNNN eeeehehehheheh

  12. If you use a fake prodigymath pirate account

  13. my brother said he found the draconyx set in Shipwreck Shore

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