*BRAND NEW* Summer Festival EVENT in Prodigy Math Game - monstrousmath.com

*BRAND NEW* Summer Festival EVENT in Prodigy Math Game

ProdigyMath Pirate
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Prodigy Math Game – *BRAND NEW* Summer Festival EVENT in Prodigy Math Game
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  1. Back in my days the guy at wandering wares was a blue gremlin with a donkey and balloons .

  2. Pirate, I have a level 10000000 ice neek, tell me a time u wanna meet I gotta show u this!

  3. Check out my new start video it has 7 day membership for a account

  4. I understand how you feel about the draconyx armour weeks of worth outdone in a few days

  5. In the video how to get the Kloecker thank you very much because I just got my first ever Kloecker thank you

  6. Wwwhhhhhyyyyyy prodigy whhhhhyyyyy I worked sooooo hard

  7. Stupid update… People actually grinded to get some of these items back a while ago… Prodigy didn't think of anyone in this update.

  8. Hilarious because all of the zoom-ins and you saying “whattt!?”

  9. I can't go to summer fest. I can only go to Spring fest

  10. can I battle you I am treasure hunter matthew and I am level 99

  11. It took me 2 hours but I got embershed thank you 🙏

  12. Guys 😀so I was playing prodigy and guess who I saw
    A. Camden Bell
    B. Prodigy Math Pirate
    C. Prodigy Silvershadow

    If you guessed Camden Bell your…


  13. No! 0:55 The Twilight wheel has been moved to another location in lamplight town

  14. The currency are sand dollars. In real life, there is an animal called a sand dollar

  15. I will look more closely at Mizu the next time I click on him

  16. i wish i have it. i have every heart bonus 8 outfit except that one

  17. Ethan Mast - Gaming, Comedy, and More! says:

    Prodigy math pirate, I saw you! Btw go to my channel Prodigy Whitemaster

  18. If you look at the shops at the wand if it has 1 arrow it has power bonus of 5 (some wands that have a bonus of 5 have no spell) . If a wand in the shop and it has 2 arrows, that means has a power bonus of 10 & has a spell . For wands that have three arrows that has a power bonus of 15. For the wands that have four arrows that means they are the most powerful and have a power bonus of 20

    mention that next time

  19. Last year in Summerfest I forgot to buy the Draconyx Helmet, Draconyx Gear and Draconyx wand beacause I didn't have enough sand dollars .I had 40 not 50

  20. I said it's so cool my brother said noo it not

  21. I love your channel I watched all of your vids and I’m your number 1 fan can we share an account a new one please

  22. yea! I'll catch Applepot and Buy all of items from below:
    Hats: Heavy Hat, Summer Flower, Noot's Cap, Helmet Of the Glaring Dragon, Dragon Command Circlet, Draconyx Helmet, Mystic Member Hat, Cat Ears, Sunglasses
    Outfits: Red Armour, Member Robes, Draconyx Gear, Baby Rex Outfit, Rockstar Outfit, Starry Night Pajamas
    Wands: , Undroppable Mic Wand, Fungoid, Minotaur's Head,Gizmotron , Perching Fire Dragon Lance, Draconyx, Sun Orb Staff.
    Buddies: Sharky, Robo Pup, Baby Rex.

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