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Busting 50 Game Myths in Real Life!

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PLEASE leave a like & subscribe this video was expensive!! THANK YOU! I love tacos


  1. Reply if you have a name they are all girls

  2. Cute I like you unspeakable subscribe to the channel every day and you can play Minecraft in Stratford

  3. ♡ 𝙻𝚒𝚝𝚝𝚕𝚎 𝚌𝚘𝚌𝚘 𝚌𝚛𝚎𝚊𝚖 ♡ says:

    I think you should prank James and Gabe by telling them your moving and you need there help to pack 😻

  4. I'm sorry but I can't go to your live show but your a good youtuder the best

  5. You should do surviving 24 hours in a arcade place

  6. I think you should feel the Unspeakable bust-up with frosted flakes

  7. I can't come to the show because I'm gonna be flying to Japan that day

  8. 1:25 i belive this works just that you need the weakess tree and hit it with advance karatae training

  9. Did James actually get hit in the knee with an arrow

  10. Won on keyboard because Gabe's a PC gamer

  11. It’s a friend name Liam and I’m new I’m a YouTube or and I love your videos from Liam Stevens

  12. Can you please do a video running from the cops with Preston and his siblings and Brianna and if they catch all of you there get $1000000

  13. Unspeakable tipe in on YouTube OMG more memes and look at the videos and I made something for you

  14. You James and Gabe should make a song that starts with an U!!! Plz💖💖😃😃😃

  15. Will you be my friend on Minecraft in this world 2903

  16. 2:18 Excuse me. I have been playing Minecraft for 6 years now and Roblox so BRUH IS THAT EVEN A QUESTION— WE ARE WATCHING YOU BUST GAMING MYTHS SO OBVI LOL

  17. Theese videos are amazing I hope you keep making this amazing content💚

  18. You literally throw your wii controller at the TV

  19. unspeakable can i have a shoutout of the end pf the vid

  20. Unspeakable you should make a video of you going into abandoned house 2 for two nights

  21. Hey unspeakable I saw this app called unspeakable skin and now I have your minecraft skin

  22. How to be sus you have to look at James or Gabe then you are sus like unspeakable the way you look at at me was sus

  23. Tried to beat me in a one V1 in Fortnite right now

  24. still remember the moose craft and unspeakable days ;-;. glad to see your doing well though

  25. Teaching kids that mig water bukket Will work irl is dangerous please atleast put a disclaimer at the start of the video

  26. Bro i was just watching 0-60 and you said you have a new gf what happened to kala

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