BUZZ!!! Fun Math Game for the Classroom -

BUZZ!!! Fun Math Game for the Classroom

The Bielec Method
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This is my all time favorite classroom game to play with kids.


  1. Can it be played with other multiples or only with 7’s?

  2. i dont know with our psychology teacher but she asked us to play this game. now i need make a profolio about this game.

  3. Perfectly explained! You ought to be a teacher ; )

  4. Iam here after footballer SUNIL CHETTRI buzz game and pointer video….

  5. Nice game! Gonna give it a try with some Japanese students leaning math in English. Thanks for sharing.

  6. volume a bit low but nicely explained. Good job!

  7. This sounds so fun! I will try it with my 5/6 grade class thank you for sharing!

  8. Can this be done with other numbers? I assume so?

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