Can You Pass 5th Grade Math? -

Can You Pass 5th Grade Math?

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Recent studies have shown that almost HALF of over 1000 adults tested were unable to pass a maths test designed for FIFTH GRADERS! We put this to the test – can YOU pass a test designed for fifth graders? To pass, you must answer SIX of the seven questions correctly!

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  1. I’m a 5th grader and we have not learned most of these

  2. As someone who takes a geometry honors class, and considers it to be easy, this was also an easy test which I got all questions right.

  3. I’m a third grader and I just got three wrong out of the whole test so that proves a fifth grader could definitely pass fifth grade

  4. (1) Which one of these is 4% equivalent to? Answer: 0.4

  5. I am currently in 5th grade and this was rlly hard for me i only managed to get one of the questions right.

  6. Your dinner cost $55 and you are going to leave a $66 tip???

  7. i passed the fifth graders math it was so easy

  8. Me in 5th grade unable to remember: god help me

  9. lol i’m in grade 11 but my mental math level is 2nd


  11. i’m in 11th grade (17 years old)
    1. incorrect
    2. incorrect
    3. correct (i guessed lol)
    4. incorrect
    5. correct
    6. incorrect
    7. correct

  12. The teachers pet and the kids who are finishing 5th grade or already did: your no match for me

    The quiet kid: you’re * 😎🔪

  13. I'm in 4th grade i just wanted to test it out I only got 1 correct

  14. Me, a fifth grader: "Oh, well, you see, I am immortal."

  15. I am honest I am in 5 grade and this was gat

  16. This is not a 5th grade test more of like early or mid 6th

  17. I am in fifth grade and i only got one right

  18. Me reading grade 6 books and challenging myself and I am now going into grade 4

  19. This was easy but did not seem like a 5th grade math. I am in 7th grade and I was learning about some of these last year. But good job!

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