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The Celtics defeated the Warriors, 103-92. Justin Jackson recorded a team-high 24 PTS for the Celtics, while Jonathan Kuminga (29 PTS) & James Wiseman (6 PTS, 7 REB) combined for 35 PTS for the Warriors in the losing effort. The Celtics improve to 2-1 in the NBA 2K23 Summer League, while the Warriors fall to 1-2.
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Memphis Grizzlies vs. Boston Celtics | July 14 at 3:30pm/et on NBA TV
Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Golden State Warriors | July 15 at 7pm/et on ESPN

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  1. Pure NBA YT channel tradition with poor highlights to impress casual fans and without good basketball. 👎👎👎👎👎

  2. I would love if the Celtics could find room for Justin Jackson on their bench. Would be a solid wing shooter coming off the bench that could give 5-10 minutes a night.

  3. Celtics be trying to get revenge in the summer 😂, thats sad. BIG L

  4. Wiseman needs more plays for him.. He will not improve if no one will give him the ball

  5. [C H E R R Y]-T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me says:

    Can Celtics keep some of these guys. I wanted Kabengele to be drafted by Celtics now that he's available maybe he can get a roster spot. I would hate to see some of these guys play for other teams.

  6. The climate crisis is important and urgent
    La crisis climática es importante y urgente.

  7. The Defense in the first quarter/half was atrocious, they started to care way too late. Plus Wiseman is not getting enough paint touches but love his physicality.

  8. Santos & kuminga can easily transition. Wiseman needs to get in better conditioning and focus on boxing out, defending the paint, and rebounds. Scoring will come automatic for him. Looney understands that

  9. Kuminga was fantastic, and there's so much potential in Wiseman! Good match!

  10. Summer league Celtics got our honor back, we can now die in peace.

  11. Why is justin jackson still playing in the summer league😭🤦🏾‍♂️

  12. People forget how good Justin Jackson was in college, lol

  13. Celtics rock! Two playoffs final games were handed to warriors by the referees who cheated Celtics out of winning the title. Celtics are the true 2022 world basketball champions! We will crush those aging currys and green fools next year!

  14. NBA Not Basketball Again w/chefboryardeebae says:

    If Wiseman wasn’t on a minutes restriction and he could’ve played as much as Kuminga and Moody🤦‍♂️ The future Dubs Poole Wiggs Moody Kuminga Wiseman Santos Mc Clung Weatherspoon coming off the bench I can’t wait to see that lineup next season #Ilovethisgame #NBA🏀

  15. Justin Jackson could step on an nba court right now and produce. Good game from kuminga. Need to see more effort and physicality from wiseman, I’m getting Anthony Davis vibes from his demeanor and that’s not a compliment

  16. Santos has the most reliable game of all the young gsw core. Hope he can get the chance he deserves

  17. If the warriors don’t win summer league something ain’t right but Justin Jackson great pick up for my Celtics

  18. would love the celtics to sign kabengele willaims brodric or jackson

  19. Guys why do people watch this game ? You can't even compare this with Cricket which according to me makes best use of man's skill and strength. Basketball is just for tall men and it doesn't have solid rules and basically you can say that every thing goes.Every major player in basketball travels when they dunks and that's not all.What about the sheer disrespectful behavior by players against their opponents ? (check the reactions after dunks) Where is the respect ? It's such a disgraceful game.

  20. Trevion sucks, Kebengele is a nice bench piece, Brodrick can fill a Danny green type role. Derrick white needs to work on his perimeter gate this off-season!!!

  21. Who's here watching this game 🎮👀🤔😏😀😳 🤣

  22. Are any of these guys going to play in the regular NBA?

  23. Bunch of 1st rounders beaten by a bunch of 2nd rounders, bust late 1sts and undrafted players

  24. Everytime Shawn tried to say something, he was interrupted by several Warriors-Highlights 😂

  25. Kuminga mid-range reminds me a little bit on Karl Malone.

  26. Wiseman, kuminga, moody, the young core of the warriors insert Poole 👑

  27. The warriors are the most stacked roster I've ever seen

  28. Jackson very strong performance for Boston…

  29. All these warriors dick riders in here when the Celtics obviously have more promise and a better future.

  30. Kuminga walks almost every time, what a joke.

  31. Is it just me or does is seem like Kuminga shoots a lot. Like every time the ball taloiches his hands. He’s averaging 30 something about attempts a game

  32. Last game, warriors wants to see Kuminga play point forward. He did. This time they want to see controlled tempo at the paint. He did it again. Warriors also know Moody can shoot 3s. They want to see him attack the rim and he did. They are also giving reps to Wiseman so that he can get into the rythmn of the game. They are basically ticking checkboxes…

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