COCO MONKEY walkthrough cool math games -

COCO MONKEY walkthrough cool math games

Puzzle Walkthrough
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In COCO MONKEY little monkey has a few coconuts with which you can try to get a banana on each of the 15 levels. Coconut can throw and push them something. In addition, if you step on a coconut, he turns into a spear that can be stuck into the wall and make a platform on which to jump. Coconut hitting the thorns breaks and at this moment you can jump on it. On some levels there are buttons that unlock closed level fragments. Game taken from cool math games portal.


  1. hey man thank you for the guide but i dont know why you threw the coconut arrow at 9:20 it fell down i don't know why can you explain? was it accident. also. haha! you have uploaded this on my birthday ! 🙂 thank you for the gift my man. it means a lot. because of your video my wife didn't leave me. haha 🙂 good night

  2. Very nice! I did a speedrun on my channel

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