Connect Walkthrough Levels 1 - 19 cool math games -

Connect Walkthrough Levels 1 – 19 cool math games

Puzzle Walkthrough
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In Connect puzzle on the field there are several multi-colored cells from which multi-colored lines come out. It is necessary to connect all the colored cells to each other, so that the lines are of a given length and cover all the fields in the game.
I have passed 20 levels (but one has not record) and there are also 21 level and it is not known how many more. Bad that the game can not choose the desired level. Connect taken from cool math games.


  1. I've completed all levels. Levels 30 and 32 were the hardest. I took screenshots of the winning grids on Levels 20-32 if anyone is interested. This would help anyone trying to complete these levels. I don't know how to put a walkthrough video on.

  2. Ive gotten to 29 but then i lost my progress

  3. Thank you for helping me complete levels on a game that I’d play during class instead of working

  4. No offence or anything, but for a lot of the levels, you could have gone way faster. I really like the video though!

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