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Cool Math Games

Dylan Zitkus
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  1. Run 3 is the game if your wondering

  2. Once I tricked my grandma into think cool math games is actually a math game

  3. I can only play run 3 all rest can play cause of flash

  4. yesss it was the best feeling. lucky me I sat all the way at the back of the class with the back of my comp facing the teacher. my entire table would see who can get the furtherest in run 3

  5. My favorite game on cool math was the tank game

  6. Bruh me and my friends did this every time we were about to get caught

  7. My school has a software called go guardian so the teachers can just see what we are doing on their chromebooks

  8. My school made a thing were they can see what you are doing on the computers

  9. Did you hear that schools have blocked cool math games on their computers, and everyone is angry as ducking shit

  10. Ayo Im in middle school an I’m still playing that

  11. Cool math games is blocked for me so we all just play math playground

  12. Bro my dad works for coolmath game he’s the cto 🤩

  13. Legends say that he is still playing cool math games.

  14. I used to play cool math games all the time it was my favorite

  15. As soon as I liked you got 10 thousand likes on this video

  16. You gangsta till she puts her glasses on and looks at the tabs that you have on the computer.

  17. He posted the same video twice but changed the title

  18. Me, the petty person that refuses/refused to do anything someone I hate/hated did or does
    Someone I hate(d) played cool math games, so before he came to my school I would but now I refuse to.

  19. My 8th grade math teacher thought I was playing a game when I was reading a page on the Henry Stickmin wiki

  20. Exactly what we do in my school, me and my friends play cool math games and need to do one hour of Aleks weekly due on Sundays, just finish it 20 minutes ago from when this comment was posted

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