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Cool Math Games

Dylan Zitkus
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  1. Why so underrated Pin if u love your loyal laughtering Fan😍🥰😂🤣

  2. Andd cause they removed flash i actually installled a chrome extendion just so i could play run3

  3. I'm on level like 60 when I go back to school I'ma be bussin

  4. Same bro I remember those days so good now I’m dumb

  5. Naaaaw we told the teachers ot was educational and they believed it

  6. I always sit at the back to see when the teacher is coming

  7. Ever Heard of friv it’s a lot better than math games

  8. Our school got smarter and used an exploit to reset the password on the default administrator account and also installed ultra surf for chrome to get passed the wifi filter

  9. Once a had a sub teacher who knew how to switch tabs, and she went to my friends laptop and switched his tabs, lmaooo

  10. lmfao I had to do aleks too and switched back and forth 😂😂

  11. I hate when that would happen you are still doing schoolwork and the teacher is mad about it because it's a game

  12. I remember playing this games from Coolmath Games:


    Tower Of Destiny

    60 Seconds Burger Run


  13. OMG I play that game on my computer in school and it has nothing to do with math

  14. The funny thing is that I did the exact same thing with the exact same game 🤣🤣🤣

  15. You won’t reply but I can’t remember the name of that game for my son this is my son’s account and this is his mother

  16. Whats the name of this game again?

  17. Omfg I haven’t seen or heard of cool math games for 10 years goddam what a throw back

  18. ALEKS…. Kids must really be going through stuff….

  19. Cool math games was blocked in my school

  20. Cool math games is a memory and I will play it to this day

  21. At my school they banned it so we can't go on the website no more so many memories

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