Cool Math Games in 2019 -

Cool Math Games in 2019

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Yo who remembers this?…

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  1. I remember purposely making the orders wrong and the people would get pushed it was fun doing that with my friends back in elementary

  2. Have you ever looked at a comment and think
    Why couldn’t have I thought of that

  3. “Penny’s a bitch” this why I love whisp

  4. Run 2 baby
    If you never played it idk tf You was doing

  5. Jwhisp I feel like your getting nostalgia playing coolmath, poptropica and Minecraft 😂

  6. Cool math games was my shit during computer labs 😭

  7. I remember playing these in elementary school lol

  8. Please make another video. This one was so fun to watch

  9. When is the next mine craft video coming out? I watched all 10 or 11 videos in 1 day. Also love ya vids 👍👍👌👌

  10. When I read the title, I thought you were actually playing math games… XD

  11. So nostalgic, from the first 20K subscribers, channel is blowing up quick good work and keep it up

  12. When these games make you rage you know your Havin a great day

  13. Nobody:
    Jwhisp fans: fAcE rEvEaL 😤😤
    No but really where it at doe


  15. I played cool math games when I was like 8 years old

  16. where is the “HELLLOOOOOO EVERYONE”??

  17. back in my day, we all only played lemonade stand on coolmathgames. :/

  18. plz do an episode on duck life that would be so epic

  19. Yea the “papa’s _____” games are cool but have you played any of the runs or Johnny danger?

  20. stream right now wizard101 or minecraft choose whatever just stream

  21. It really sucks that these games are gonna be gone when adobe stops supporting flash player

  22. I remember me and my friend would go to the library and play cool math games 1 week before the summer holidays… good times.

  23. Do the 1.14 episode 11 on mincraft plz I love that series

  24. Who's sad that coolmath is shutting down 2020

  25. our school put a firewall on coolmath games. little did they know you can play all of the games on different websites.

  26. Noooooo,also the duck,run,papa and worlds hardest game where my favs

  27. I'm so sad that it's going. What am I going to play when we're supposed to do work in school?

  28. i want a whole ass video of J playing run 3 ngl 🙈😳

  29. Hey JWHisp, if you still want to play and record videos these nostalgic flash games, install BlueMaximas FlashPoint, not only is it preserving flash games, but also has HTML5, Java, Unity, PopCap games, and alot more, I recommend FlashPoint Infinity as it saves space, but can only be played online and has a few other downsides, FlashPoint Ultimate is about 350gb and Isnt great for most computer with 1TB or lower storage, unless you have more that 1TB, I recommend getting Ultimate

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