cool math games is playing Roblox... (they ADDED me) -

cool math games is playing Roblox… (they ADDED me)

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a few hours ago cool math games tweeted a screenshot of their new roblox account that they just created and after watching everyone freak out over this… i told them to add me on roblox as a joke until 5 minutes later i saw that they accepted my friend request…
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  1. Someone make a video of chloe saying teehee for 10 minutes straight.

  2. Ah, Run 3. The game that everyone played at school when there was free timeZ

  3. I thought it said "coolmath games are adding roblox"

  4. First thing I see on coolmath games roblox friends list is koneko XD

    Like if you did too!!!

  5. I don't think you should copy yts playing arsenal lmfao

  6. Cool math games. I have not heard that name in a while

  7. Omg, this is a great vid!! I love ur vids!!❤️❤️

  8. My only problem is, where’s flamingo? Will he ever add flamingo because maybe flamingo could give some robux or something

  9. a childhood company: comes to roblox
    99% peoples watching the video's childhood: bonjour
    me: what the hell is cool math games

  10. everyone before: cant wait to play roblox 🙂

    everyone after coolmath games posted the tweet:AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  11. watch cool math games become one of the richest players of roblox

  12. Roblox is also gonna collab with re-logic the creators of terraria

  13. Imagine if the first game that they play is a sented con lol

  14. hold up, if that was a real cool math, then why didn't it have a verified check thing by is name?

  15. Man, I want them to collabe with roblox. That would be the best event ever.

  16. I can just imagine roblox saying: ”No, We won’t Collab, And Can You Stop Pinging Me?”

  17. Cool math games are my childhood and they rule
    no one can change my mind.
    if they collab I'll be happy lmao

  18. I hope they dont collab, im not good at math 🙁

  19. Who else looked back at the account and they unfriended everyone

  20. 90 percent of Roblox players are bad at math this is BAD

  21. C'mon bois we gotta get nitro type in now

  22. I literally watch these videos for the arsenal gameplay and I get so mad when stuff pops up on the screen 😂 (I watch them for info on whats going on in the roblox community too just updates you know)

  23. I have commited happiness my depression got deleted c:


  25. KonekoKitten and Chloe would be a perfect pair!

  26. how old are you you talk like ur 14 or 16 !!?!?!?!?!?

  27. The title is like one of those not clickbait vids “he added me”

  28. The title of this video sounds like a cringe fake video execpt it actually real.

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