Cool Math Games Literally Made Me Cry -

Cool Math Games Literally Made Me Cry

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this… this is the scariest experience of my life.
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  1. As someone who likes maths, it feels so bad seeing him cry and say "I'm stupid" or "I can't do it", especially while he IS getting it right or pretty close most of the time.

    I'm not a teacher and I'm not in Ethan's head, but from seeing this he doesn't seem actually incapable of doing math, it just looks like he was never given the possibility to make himself his own method to calculate things. Most people make up strategies on their own to calculate stuff in their head, but if that doesn't come naturally, well someone has to help you figure it out. And it looks like no one really took the time to help him figure it out in a way that makes sense to him. He probably just needs a different method than most people to get the answer. That doesn't make him "bad"!

  2. Really proud of you for doing this. I struggle with ADHD and I’m one month off my medication after being on 3 different kinds for 5 years. Re learning how to do stuff like simple math ? So hard man. Thank you for showing this side of the brain. You aren’t dumb, math is just learned differently by every brain ❤️

  3. Listening to Ethan playing big tower little square would be amazing

  4. as someone who passed calc4 some of these games….eugh….yeah you get a pass XD

    also 6:00 super crazy good timing with the "nice" and the next goal is 69. nice dude

  5. also as someone who as passed calc4…I also still count on my fingers. dont fix it if its broke, right!? ^w^

  6. I'm horrible at math and spelling it sucks,ur not stupid, love ur vids btw

  7. I think somehow Ethan’s math abilities have gotten worse since he last tested them. He’s done the impossible

  8. I don’t think I ever actually played math games on coolmathgames

  9. If anyone claims dyscalcula is fake show them this video

  10. Literally just watched {REDACTED} again from my own private archive and I want to say how much I love that video because it really, really feels validating to see someone struggle with math anxiety like myself. I also found it very brave of Ethan to just throw himself into this math challenge!

    All the best Ethan, I, too, am in my mid/late twenties and I struggle with the maths lol. I cheer you on!

  11. This video made me feel better about myself. Don't worry bud, we all have our weaknesses

  12. hell yeah coolmathgames was the shit! (played non math games on it)

  13. Ethan, don’t feel bad about your mathematical problem, I also suffer from this.

    No joke, I have math courses in school and the highest level my brain allows me to know is trigonometry (with a little help though). I found out it might be hereditary as both my parents kind of struggle with more advanced mathematics

  14. honestly i felt a different kind of empathy watching this–as someone who has always struggled with math but still took advanced courses (that happens way more often than you might think). to this very day, i still have anxiety surrounding math–mostly when i feel as though a quick response is warranted. now even though i am always quadruple guessing myself and could probably give a quick (correct) answer, i'm always worried that i'll be wrong and then deemed as ethan put it "dumb" or "stupid" by someone who i want to perceive me as smart. but we're not dumb, we're just not math people and that's okay. happy 10 years ethan, hope for many more happy years. (((:

  15. watching this literally crying with laughter because it’s like a window into my own brain

  16. For all the people asking Ethan to play the papa games, you can't I checked. Because flash is jo longer here, he can't play the papa games unless he buys them from the app store.

  17. I no longer hate my name coz I changed it says:

    Tf is a super fund ans why do washing machines cost $800

  18. I am not joking or exaggerating, my reaction to doing almost any kind of math problem is the same as Ethan in this video. it's why I procrastinated watching it lol. I knew it would hit too close to home. you're not alone Ethan!!

  19. I am not good at math as well, never have been, never will be. So no judgements Eef 🙂

  20. Ethan being tortured by math is literally me in school😭

  21. I have never actively yelled at a video before but Division. Yes. I'm ashamed to say I yelled.

  22. so far ive learned im worse at math than ethan is and that information h u r t s 😂

    i dont understand anything he's saying or doing….

  23. I am horrible at math's and I just relate to this so much. Nice to see I'm not the only one who suffers at bad math.

  24. Just watching Ethan go thru the five stages of grief playing the calculator game is hilarious. I relate to this so much 😂

  25. I can barely do any math even though I’m actively learning in it school so I understand the pain

  26. Eef…eef it’s okay I’m bad at math too, while you did the division one the entire time I was like “idk any of these at least he’s getting it like one number off I would just put in a random number and hope for the best”

    It’s okay eef we all have things we aren’t good at. Me and you just have in common that we suck at math 😢🎉 😂

  27. This is literally me in math. It's okay Ethan, you're not the only one who struggles

  28. Love your content. I enjoy math problems, sometimes… I do enjoy that you try at the very least. Hope you are enjoying making the content at least!

  29. Btw, the parting comment at the end of the video that you are dumb, which btw, is NOT true, is largely, and very much untrue. I love your vids. Momento Mori.

  30. Wait, are their actually math games at coolmathgames? I just thought it was titled that so teachers would think it was educational

  31. I love that me and ethan have the same approach to maths, just fucking guess 😂😂😂

    Fuck maths man

  32. This is how I felt every time I picked up my math homework as a kid, and it didn't go away in college. It's is why I only ever played crazy taxi and papa's freezeria on there every time my school let me play on that site. I feel you Ethan. It's torture.

  33. ethan is so real for this vid makes me feel better that I am not the only one bad at math 😭

  34. Ok its not a math game so i see why it wasnt in here but Eef should totally play the riddle school series. I havent seen anyone play that in so long and he would be perfect for it

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