Cool Math Games Literally Made Me Cry -

Cool Math Games Literally Made Me Cry

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this… this is the scariest experience of my life.
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  1. ethan facing his incredibly large fear of Math ™️ makes it feel inappropriate to be watching this video on the toilet

  2. im crying at the equal pieces fractions game LMFAOOOOOO

  3. Me: relating so hard that it’s hilarious

  4. Eef is definitely me doing math; I can't do it to save my life. I've gotten A LOT better at counting in fours bc I count the bread nearly every day at work, but I need a calculator to do even the most basic shit lmao

  5. this comment section is so wholesome. Ethan being Ethan and joking about something he's genuinely insecure about made it so much easier for all of you to admit your struggles. I'll admit I'm fairly decent with math, but the number of times I've cried over not getting something in school and the number of quizzes i've gotten marked off because I wasn't paying attention is ridiculous.

  6. First off GG on even going on and playing these games because my dyslexic a$$ would never. Secondly though, I find it interesting that you knew your multiplication table very well. Just like I do. I wonder if that's a common thing with dyslexic people. Or of we are just cool. 😎😎. Just something I noticed so had to share

  7. im this bad with math too so i relate to this on a deep level lol

  8. ethan making everything more complicated than it needs to be LMAO

  9. Nooo, I wanna hug you, it's so saad ☹️

  10. Math was really hard for me for a long time because I missed school the week they learned their times tables in elementary school. True story.

    I got better as college got more intense

  11. The one thing I never did on coolmathgames was play math games lmao 🤣
    I should not have watched this while eating, I almost CHOKED while laughing!

  12. The way this title and thumbnail alone was enough to make my anxiety immediately skyrocket 💀 I have ADHD too and am also, in fact, laughably horrid at even simple math, so this vid hits a little too close to home 😭😭 If I don’t have a calculator handy, I’m absolutely f*cked 😅

  13. I still count with my fingers and im not even ashamed to admit it anymore

  14. I’m shit at math. Ethan makes me feel a little better about that😂 I think he also panics and it makes him do worse at times

  15. I still count on my fingers and I'm a computer science student. It's okay.

  16. This is what I’ve been waiting for !!!!! 😂 was dying laughing.

  17. I’d love to be in a math class with him because we wouldn’t judge each other 😂

  18. Kay, first off I hate how much my tiny little ADHD brain related to 2:493:00 lol. And 3:01 is honestly just a prime example of when we talk about "the little ADHD monkey" in our brains LMAO

    Edit– 3:25 is also a confirmed mood, thank you for your time

  19. This made me feel a little better about my math skills by little bit

  20. I feel so bad for laughing so hard. You did your job and made some EXCELLENT content

  21. ethan, im just the same way with math, even the existence of it makes me wanna jump off a bridge

  22. I've never been so attracted to this boy, my god, he's perfect

  23. I am bad at simple math as well. This video had me in tears! Lol.

  24. Division is tricky! You did super well on the other two!

    You and Mark should play Fireboy and Watergirl!!!

  25. If I’m thinking of the right website then I’m pretty sure everyone went on here to play the lemonade stand game 😂😂

  26. Bro isn’t there’s coolmathgames and coolmath4kids which are literally the same website

  27. I have never laughed so hard during a video. With all that said, I offer my condolences for the unfortunate death of your math knowledge.

  28. …my opinion of the individual Ethan Nestor-Darling currently residing at ** ********* ***** * ******* ** ************* has dimmed somewhat due to this video. I am slightly amazed how he manages to get a shirt on in the morning or pants.

  29. My favorite part is when he starts doing those exact delirious noises I made trying to do my math homework at 3 am

  30. For the second game you had to combine 1 and 7 and then slide it down to 8 (because if they're the same they disappear), combine 5 and 4 and swipe it down to 9 and combine 3 and 3 🙂

  31. they blocked this website in schools recently after finally realizing (after 10+ years) that the website wasn't really about math lol

  32. 88 / 11 = ?
    me: oh good this one is easy he has to get this one..
    ethan: it’s 9
    me: are you kidding

  33. "i'm so stupid"
    nah that's just the ADHD eef. if its any consolation i got my HS diploma 2 months ago and i can only barely do math clash off the top of my head

  34. I have never seen anyone actually play a math game on coolmathgames

  35. well you're better at math than me so you have that goin' for ya

  36. i never played any coolmathgames game besides run. what the fuck is papas pizzaria

  37. Haha Imagine being bad at maths…
    I can imagine…

  38. i just wanna give him a hug he looks like he could use one🥺

  39. its ok not everyone is good at math i have a disorder similar to adhd and sister to Dyslexiya and dyscalculia called dyspraxia i couldnt ride a bike till i was like 12 or tie my shoes! lol I still cant skate or rollar blade and im 20!! You did real good eef lol some of us aint bult for math as a computer programmer this is how i feel like all the time espically when i miss the simplist syntax error and rack my brain trying to fix it for an hour lol

  40. My school banned cool math games after they realized it wasn’t actually math games lol

  41. The first 20 seconds of the video just reminded me of "The Office". I watched it a long time ago, so I don't really remember the names, but it reminds me of the boss.

  42. i know this is meant to be a light hearted video, but as someone who can’t wrap their mind around math and has anxiety when doing math, this comforted me a tiny bit knowing that others struggle the same way i do. (not that seeing ppl struggle is nice, i just feel less alone 😭)

  43. Honestly, I didn't even know there WERE actual math games on coolmathgames lolllllll

    Eef you're not stupid it's ok if math isn't ur strong suit <3 <3 those made my brain hurt too and usually I'm not too bad at math

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