Cool Math Games was not for the faint of heart... -

Cool Math Games was not for the faint of heart…

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watch me do these LIVE at:

today i played some cool math games and then uploaded it to youtube lol

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  1. Bloxorz always had this unnerving feeling too it

  2. Came to relive Bloxorz, thank you Youtube.

  3. I know somebody who simps for you on Instagram- (they joke about it but 😳)

  4. Bruh at 5:10, my message is there. I'm famous. It was me saying "I never got past level 5 but I tried" It truly is an honor.

  5. "Cool math games was not for the faint of heart"

    So happy wheel

  6. Bruh, our class used to guilt trip the teacher into letting us go on cool maths games, this shit was great back then haha. UK reppin'.

  7. There is a way to play without ads, without adblock, and without paying lol

    It takes some knowledge of HTML, but there is a link in the HTML file that you can usually find easily by inspecting around the game, or in the ad block blocker thingy, and near that there is a <iframe></iframe> looking thing that contains the link, pasting that in another browser tab will take you to the game, no ads, and basically full screen. Better for streaming too!

  8. best one to watch as a newcomer and excited for more

  9. This dude just started existing like anakin Skywalker

  10. If phones weren't a thing, I bet everyone's jam would be and its library of dos games that can be played straight from the broswer. School wouldn't block due to the legitimate educational value it has.

  11. Gonna buy some fireboy & watergirl merch because

  12. I played it so much that I have muscle memory throughout high School I did it 4 years every single day when I was in School

  13. everything was cool in computer lab until some kid hit ur hand while playing run 2 and you died

  14. im still waiting on mighty guy 3 on funbrain

  15. When he talks, volume 90

    When he moans/yells/gets stabbed every 20 seconds, volume -5

  16. I used to play games on that website all the time as a kid in primary school between 2010 when I first discovered the site and 2015 during my second year of high school! 🙂

  17. Me and my 3rd grade class used to do competitive run speed runs every other Friday at the computer lab. Those were good times

  18. I remember playing cool math games while at school since Newgrounds was blocked ahh good times…..

  19. If you remember Nitrome logo sound effect you are eligible for a veteran discount.

  20. bro this video made me smoke nicotine

  21. everybody gangsta till the bloxxorz block starts calling the shots and yeets its ass off the level or was it only me when i played

  22. I'm actually mad it zooms into his avatar like it's giving me a reaction

  23. big tower tiny square is my favorite game on the site

  24. bro i beat bloxorz in grade 3 but i can't beat it now wtf but be that grade schoolers are a higher being

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