Coolmath Games Official Trailer -

Coolmath Games Official Trailer

Coolmath Games
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This is THEE Coolmath Games dot com 🕹

25 amazing years online & still going strong 💙 love you all
Come hangout 👉

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  1. Thank you for making such a fun website!

  2. ty for making our childhood with those fun flash games ^^

  3. I remember this this in 2016 the first game I played in coolmath was papa’s bakeriea (making pies)

  4. Thank you, for having the website name “coolmathgames” so the teacher would let us on it because they thought it had to do with math

  5. Can you please make it so I can play papa loui games on my iPad

  6. OMG!? wow I love this website best time I ever had at school and still play it at home

  7. Schools are trying to wipe you clean out.
    How many times have I told you this, old man, immortality is immortality!

  8. How has this not been blocked yet in schools?

  9. Y'all still going so strong after 25 years!!!!! Congrats! My juniors even still play this game!

  10. at school during math class if we're on computers my teacher says we can do the main task, and then play math games and she says we can do coolmathgames if we play math games, but everyone plays run. (well, I do snappy maps because I like geography but yeah)

  11. this brings back all the memories, but turns out it's blocked some places because "its too much of a Distraction"

  12. thanks for somehow tricking several schools that you were actually about math 👍

  13. I love your site so much I play it every day at school!

  14. Hi cool math games I’ve been trying to play tiny fishing but it does not show up let me now if you can help me pls and ty😊

  15. Has anyone remember that one alien game, and im not talking about run


  17. 25 years later….. I refuse to stop playing….

  18. cool math games app required internet connection

  19. I discovered that CoolMath Games is making an ARG today. Go onto the site. At the top right, you should see a hole. Click it, and you'll be directed to an error screen. IT IS A LIE. There is binary under the error message. Translate it, and you'll get the message,
    "Hello? Can you hear me?
    I'm looking for someone.
    I hear strange noises.
    Please, help me."
    The tab name is in Morse code,
    Translate it, and you'll get the message, "I'M LOST." In the URL, there is a string of numbers that goes as follows, "24-32-31-34-43-44". I'm uncertain as to what type of cipher it is, but translating it will likely give us a lead to solving the mystery of this site.

  20. I absolutely loved the classics like Run, Fireboy amd Watergirl, and Truck Loader 3, but also games like Wereblocks or something, that one was amazing! Glad to see basket and ball on the banner in the thumbnail of the video too, I got that on my phone once and let me tell you it was amazing (could never beat it though). Cool maths games was also one of the first things that I looked up and subsequently added via a link to my home screen when I discovered that iPods could access the Internet! Overall a huge thank you CoolMathsGames, I hope that you thrive for many years to come and give plenty of kids the same experience that I had!

  21. I though this was fanmade but nope it’s the official channel

  22. Bro I’m tired I can’t even figure out how to enter a game in cool math 💀 0:14

  23. Run 1 and 3 are my games to play and congrats for getting 25 years CoolMathGames!

  24. Excuse me, I'm pretty sure new animations should be banned from Poptropica.

  25. My teacher blocked thsi at my school because some people weren't using it for maths games 😭

  26. If I only had 1 app it would be coolmaths games, I could play it for my entire life without stopping, This will always be loved by the coolmaths games community.

  27. Dear Coolmath, I first played your games since I was 6 and I still play them now and I will play them forever

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