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Counting! | Mini Math Movies | Scratch Garden

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Learn to count as you practice counting to 10 in different ways with Scratch Garden’s first episode of ‘Mini Math Movies’. Watch this fun numbers and counting lesson that teaches representing numbers in different ways, reading and writing whole numbers, and conservation of the number. This funny math video for kids is perfect for teaching number sense, understanding quantity, and counting everyday objects!

00:00 – Introduction
00:27 – Counting to 10 Out Loud
00:52 – Counting to 10 with Written Numerals
01:45 – Counting to 10 with Everyday Objects
03:12 – Practice ‘Conservation of the Number’
04:37 – Counting with a Calendar
05:31 – Outro

Mini Math Movies is a new mathematics educational series from Scratch Garden full of in depth math lessons for kids! Check out the full playlist here:

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