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Damath – Play Checkers and learn Mathematics simultaneously

European Erasmus+ Project Math-GAMES
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Damath – The Game Dame (Checkers) and Mathematics – famous game on the rules of checkers (draughts), game DAME.

Easy to learn with this game simultaneously the basics in numeracy.
If you want to see the different variations of Damath, see:

A result of the European Erasmus+ Project Math-GAMES.
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  1. Request polynomial calculation, moves,chips,

  2. i thought theres a rule about taking down enemy pieces first rather than moving other piece

  3. Watching this for elimination tomorrow. Wish me luck hehe

  4. is it necessary to follow the order of numbers to put on the board, or we can randomly put numbers whereevr the player wants? i am teaching this to my niece, i used to play this back in year 2000 but with fractions and i kinda not remember now

  5. I was in grade 2 once and i was good at damath and i had a competition vs grade 3 4 5 and 6 and I WON i was just always thinking song lyrics while i was playing i just hum and think strategy and im also kinda good at checkers especially on a game called animal jam i was so…..suprised….but mine didn't have multiplication division and etc..but they called it damath and my checker pieces was red the other peoples are blue…i live in the Philippines…..omg…I FINALLY FOUND A HOBBY

  6. Im watching because me and my classmates are having a competision in our class room

  7. I'm watching this because idk how to play damath and I got 0 points from it 🙁

  8. Blessed evening . May I know if what is the correct mode of scoring… (x,y) or (y,x)?

  9. Im watching because they(classmates) chose me to compete in a multi school competition, they knew I am good at chess so they thought that I must be also good at damath 😂

  10. I'm in solo damath competition but the problem is that it haves negative signs

  11. Im Watching This because we are having a battle in Math Cluber's

  12. You didn't capture the 4 on the first place.. They called that dos dos

  13. Teacher: We will play damath

    Me: A simple math but still din't win

    Just wish me luck to our mini game and for those competitions

  14. At 2:16
    6+4=10 then,

    But why,
    In 3:10
    5+7=12 but why is the number multiplied by 10 is 5 not 12?

    What I mean, in the first double kill, the answer(10) was the one multiplied by 1, then in the second one, it is still 5 that is multiplied by 10 not 12 which is the sum of 5+7???

  15. In damath, to capture is mandatory. As shown in the video, he didn't capture some of the chips. This is wrong.

  16. thx for the vid because im making an assingment like that <3

  17. I am one of the representatives in our section to compete with the other section
    Our Adviser relies on us
    Wish us luck!

  18. Watching this for my game on 27 wish me luck

  19. Why are you not eating the chips this video is dumb

  20. okay so you cant eat backwards until ur dama okay thank you so much

  21. Im watching because i have performance task and i need to make the same.

  22. Im watching these bcoz i dont know how to play damath. HAHAHA

  23. What happens when an operation results in an infinite number (eg. 4/0)?

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