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Damath – Play Checkers and learn Mathematics simultaneously

European Erasmus+ Project Math-GAMES
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Damath – The Game Dame (Checkers) and Mathematics – famous game on the rules of checkers (draughts), game DAME.

Easy to learn with this game simultaneously the basics in numeracy.
If you want to see the different variations of Damath, see:

A result of the European Erasmus+ Project Math-GAMES.
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  1. I'm watching because of a tournament happening tomorrow, Sept 26,2023, see y'all future students

  2. tysm i really need it cuase there will be a competion on tuesday cause our teacher told us to ptactise we could play and comepete

  3. Thank you for this video really helped me

  4. 2 years ago i was practicing sci dama and i won i really not expecting that thing 💖

  5. If I win in this competition in the game damath I will subscribe you 😊

  6. I understand this more than my school😂😂

  7. Kunwari po kainin ay 5 pro ang number nyo po Ay 7 at napunta po xa sa minus.bli 5-7 po dpt xa kso sa grade 1 wala p pong negative,pwede po ba gawing 7-5?

  8. sorry but you mislead the viewers instead of we learn from you you mislead us

  9. Thank you very much. Me and my classmates will play Damath for our Performance task in Mathematics. 👍

  10. I'm learning this because of a competition, winner gets 100 grades

  11. Thank you so much! Me and my classmates are going to play this on Friday.

  12. Thank you for meet us at the same time nalang

  13. Ty this helped I was about to play this with a friend 😀

  14. Ok, trying to learn this game and video is terrible. Please cut the music and explain what the hell is going on.

  15. Because my teacher said we will this on Wednesday

  16. thank you very much! It really helped me a lot!

  17. Oh! really cool bro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😀

  18. Thank you so much now I know how to play this game and hopefully I can win on Thursday (September 28,2017)

  19. Hope I win on this shit because the opponents are so powerful

  20. you can double!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Wait I thought you should eat the placed chips first?

  22. This wasn't what I had in mind. I was thinking of expressing discrete strategy games using sigma notation.

  23. These instrunctions are totally wrong he didnt eat some of the chips

  24. I was joined on a contest of damath so thats why i watched this😂😂😂😂

  25. not hating but are ya sure bout your gameplay? lol

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