Deadliest Math Competition.. One Wrong Answer, The Witch Will Kill You!! -

Deadliest Math Competition.. One Wrong Answer, The Witch Will Kill You!!

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  1. It was the most complicated movie I've ever listened to! I am almost sure that the screenwriter is AI

  2. If he can't lead them out of the room,then who will? …. 😮

  3. this reminds me alot of alice in borderland and the games they had to participate in

  4. The fact that I guessed 4 for the first game😭

  5. 6:08
    Real talk, when I was through watching this video, at around 2 minutes I thought the right answer will be 4. Turns out I'm a lucky mfer

  6. They took squid games and made it more asian

  7. No wonder this is Asian moive 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  8. I am the worst at math. I hated it. So i suppose I would be dead soon

  9. Can anyone help me with some math? I need some Bomb's Powers translated to Exatons and Kilotons respectively

  10. They are copying the success of Squid games

  11. Cheating on every round makes the game unfair. Saw movie villain is better than this. Atleast he tell things straight forward and wont interfere in the middle of death game. I'm not satisfied with the ending of the movie either. No wonder its not famous like squid game

  12. did bro just say that most americans haven't seen a 1 cent coin

  13. This movie was wayyyy to over the top!! 😂

  14. Math? Guess I'm dead

    Ngl the ending was trash

  15. math teacher: i told you this day would come villian laugh

  16. Had to stop @ 23:03! This is a show for nerds! I'd be too annoyed not getting anything and so couldn't finish

  17. As a person who was dragged and lifted by my friends since highschool, college, and to graduation, I would die in the 1st round without them.

  18. Social media & tictok have fried my long term memory. Id be unable to follow simple instructions.

  19. What a difficult recap to make with incredible complex math! You have my UTMOST respect! It was amazing.

  20. Smells a lot like squid game – I dig it!

  21. Reminds me of Akagi, The Last Gambler T. and other Gambling Anime/Manga.

  22. Nah… That MC was cool with his math precisions until the talk no jutsu 💀

    Japanese can't really make a film that supports talk no jutsu

  23. Documentary about actual math tests in Asia.

  24. japan already has a declining population… make a game to kill the youth. what a dumb idea.

  25. wait is zero the antagonist of the karate kid film?

  26. Lol the movie is full of brain games but it's so funny the illusion of the movie when they were tied n a blade swinging up there forehead, it should hit the head of the person in the middle not at sides, the movie is logical but it's funny too

  27. "Ha! I am pretty good at math! Let's go."

    * look around and see everyone is japanese/asian*

    "OMG i am so dead."


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