Don't have a membership? KNOW THIS!!! | Prodigy Math Game -

Don’t have a membership? KNOW THIS!!! | Prodigy Math Game

Prodigy Prince
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  1. You CANNOT get Dyno Dig Pets (Terromite, Pokkit, etc.)

  2. Same I let go my pet but I can't not evolve a pet cause I did one cause when my first time evolve my first pet


    Prodigy hacks thats the only way to get the pets

  4. Prodigy prince can we battle one day? User: Firebreather Zoey

  5. You can get free membership from the teacher accounts

  6. Can you please tell me what you use for background music? I am really struggling to find anything good

  7. OMG your a life saver! I wanted to get rid of duplicates and get new pets! I'm gonna use this trick more often lol

  8. Dude I knew that for space you can let go before I watched this

  9. I still have the membership staff with out having membership, i still dont know how i have them without memberships.

  10. Bro just say your at school and there ain’t a limit

  11. I need to get the membership to get good pets

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