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Easy Icebreaker Activities: The Numbers Game

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Are you in need of easy icebreaker activities for your next event or group gathering? Why not try out The Numbers Game? The Numbers Game is a perfect icebreaker for large groups or small groups and is sure to get your people up and moving around. Use this simple icebreaker game to energize your crowd and fill the room with smiles.

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  2. 3 full sets game how many sets of 0s thru 9?

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  4. i love this!!!! thank you so much!

  5. Really love it…very useful 👍👍👍. thank you yar

  6. Such a cool fun game. Am sure gonna use this at our home parties. Thanks for sharing

  7. Very simple and entertaining . I will use it. thnx!

  8. This is brilliant thank you! I will adapt this for Italian classes😁👍

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    No profile. All you need is a fun and anonymous icebreaker 🙂 so yup search for "QFIRST BREAK THE ICE" on google play store and try it. It's fairly new so be patient as I make daily improvements 🙂

  11. playing this with my teens group at church tonight !! THANK YOU

  12. Such a fun game. i tried it with my team today and it was soo exciting.

  13. Hello teacher please write introductions. Is it possible?

  14. very proactive fun and engaging activity for a very large group

  15. Wow 👍 now I know how to start my Demo lesson! Thanks

  16. Great. Thanks a lot. Super intelligent and so much fun.

  17. Very simple and fun game for warm up sales meetings.

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