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Educational Sonic Games

Peter Knetter
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Support on Patreon: One might wonder why a 23- year-old-man would want to play every educational Sonic game, but the truth is, my math, reading, and spelling skills are that of an unborn-child. Long story short, I have to play these games to get my high-school diploma. NOTE: No copies of Sonic’s Schoolhouse were harmed in the making of this video.

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  1. Peter: Well little did people know that pico is actually Latin for Sonic Will Teach You.
    Me: So it's called the Sega Sonic Will Teach You LOL.

  2. I like that how Amy said hi and you said iiiiiiii hi

  3. 10:34 Funny Show up Yay yay Yay Keep Going Is Funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  4. Look Try Guy This 12:19 Oh Tails Keep Follow Big Sonic And 12:25 TAILS RUN 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  5. 0:00 Intro
    0:19 "Sonic was never good"
    0:23 "Have you ever seen how fast he goes?"
    0:34 "Learn with me"
    0:38 1st Game (Tails And The Music Maker)
    3:08 ??? (Secret Part)
    3:11 1st Game (Tails And The Music Maker)
    4:18 Celebration (Peter Did a Sonic)
    4:51 Drawing
    5:44 2nd Game (Sonic The Hedgehog for Leapfrog Diji)
    9:32 3rd Game (Sonic Gameworld)
    13:08 4th Game (Sonic Edusoft)
    17:16 5th Game (Sonic X for Leapster)
    18:57 6th Game (Sonic's Schoolhouse)
    23:07 Outro

  6. “What if I just wanna play Sonic?”

    Spell the word DEAD

    Yep, that’s a threat.

  7. 9:13 Hi, I point out inaccuracies in videos, and I noticed you said "math". What you just did was not maths, it was spelling. Learn your subjects.

  8. whats that song at the end of the video before the outro

  9. plz post the can you feel the sunshine remix on spotify

  10. "ahhHHH, decapitated sonic friend head"
    I'm dying

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  13. 14:11 I see why winner and loser is barely used in video games, just you win and you lose. That's all, especially victory and defeat

  14. 9:56"Find the chick in the moving eggs."
    "Thats not a chick."😂

  15. ho up is that Terminalmontage's melee fox mcloud?!

  16. The Sega Pico is not a refridgerator, it's a freezer.

  17. 4:24 wait what are you going to play- WHO GOT THE IDEA TO PLAY ALL STAR

  18. Play egg base on sonic the hedgehog DIJI (DIJI? DIJI DIJI! dIdI DIDI!?! 7:16)

  19. I bet 15067475737788 I 5485765677777 dollars that pete wont pin this

  20. the elephant is supossed to resemble that you answered the question correctly

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